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Aries ( 22 January -21 December )  - You are feeling particularly affectionate now, and the company of your love partner or very close friends is important to you. This is not a time for only activity. Sharing, harmonising, and love is the themes now. However, if you are not happy in your personal life, your problems may seem especially pressing at this time. Try to be receptive and learn as much as you can from others at this time. Also, mental curiosity or restlessness impels you to get out and about, perhaps take a short trip or visit.

Favourable Date: Jan 26 Favourable Colour: Red & Green

Taurus ( 20 April – 20 May )- If you feel short-changed by life, or that you're not getting your due, and love or work aren't fulfilling, then it's time to work hard for your self-esteem. It's not about giving away your freedom, but liberating others from rigid thinking or patterns of behaviour. Start to analyse why you say, think, act and do what you do. Learn to develop your positive outlook and take responsibility for your actions, rather than blaming colleagues, society or the system. Throw yourself into the creative or imaginative arts, and stop trying to pass the buck.

Favorable Date: Jan 28  Favourable Colour: Blue

Gemini ( 19 February – 20 March ) - Through friends, you may have reason to rejoice. Your relationships are especially affectionate and friendly at this time, and you may benefit socially or materially through an opportunity offered to you by a friend. Indeed, you may think today's real success comes through ensuring that someone does his job well and so ensures that someone who matters a great deal to you, gets something he needs. An unusual encounter could occur too - introducing you to the world about which you know little but whose complexity is fascinating.

Favourable Date: Jan  28 Favorable Colours: Yellow & Blue

Cancer( 21 June – 22 July ) - You seem poised to take proactive action in career, emotional and domestic matters. Your bearing and willingness to draw people together could put you 'in charge. 'The urge to prove you're the right person for a job requires accessing all available energy resources. You might even persuade a lover or younger friend to help you out. It might also bring you admiration from someone who's shy - but would dearly like to know you better. The determination to see things done your way could demand to employ a charm offensive - for which you're in just the right mood.

Favourable Date: Jan 28  Favourable Colours: White & Blue

Leo  ( 23 July – 22 August )  - Deep-rooted passions are likely to be switched on - and possibly by someone you've either known for ages and who's just reappeared, or by a hobby you had as a child.  You're over-sensitive. Silences could leave you puzzled. Indeed, talking and sharing ideas could be a big theme midweek - most notably with people who're expansive and optimistic by nature. You should be ready to throw yourself wholeheartedly into a project that's exciting, rejuvenating and, best of all, keeps you in close contact with people you admire. Favourable Date: Jan 28 Favourable Colour: Cream & Red

Virgo ( 23 August – 22 September ) - Financial complications could leave your head swimming. An older person's advice could be invaluable. A task may have become too big or complicated: You might now need the help of someone who's totally detached. Your inner voice may be trying to make itself heard - especially regarding who and what makes you feel truly happy. At a slightly different level, your design and creative skills could surface.You are settling into a rhythm that’s both comfortable and productive.

Favourable Date: Jan  25 Favourable Colour: Red & Purple

Libra ( 23 September – 22 October )- You could experience one of your 'retreating moments'. You might need time on your own - or at least only in the company of those who don't make too many demands. It's probable that you're incubating a excellent idea. Intrusions are likely to come from people whose emotional states are wobbly, to say the least, and who sense you'll empathise. It might surprise you that so many people want to engage on a one-to-one level. From business to romance and back again, this could lead to a busy week.

Favourable Date: Jan 24 Favourable Colours: Blue & White

Scorpio ( 23 October – 21 November ) - Difficulties in a close relationship or a reprimand by someone who feels you've not played somewhat, might result in you feeling as though you've been caught in a thunderstorm. The process of searching love seems likely to continue. It's also possible that you'll attract friends who want to share secrets - not all of which you ought to hear.You’re annoyed about the lack of progress in love and profession.  News concerning someone who tends to be larger than life could take you aback.

Favourable Date:  Jan 26 Favourable Colour: Blue

Sagittarius ( 21 November – 21 December ) - The journey mapped out for you is about being smart, intelligent and very knowledgeable. Give yourself enough time to indulge in your favourite things. Surround yourself with easy-going friends, have a fulfilling social life, and always look as if you've just walked out of the beauty salon.  Be more aware of your inner beauty and pamper your outer one. Take control of your finances and make them work for you rather than against you. Entertain your friends according to your budget. Accept that you have a very vulnerable inner child, and learn to lighten up as well.

Favourable Date: Jan 24  Favourable Colour: Yellow & Blue

Capricorn ( 22 December – 19 January ) -There is a breath of fresh air with enthusiasm to move forward in life with hope, courage and optimism. It is not that there are no challenges, but the message is to face your problems and fears head on, change a belief pattern if need be, know what is at the core of happiness for you, and be willing to stand up and even fight for the life you want. .The urge to improve your nest may be great - and could result in you buying a large piece of furniture or at least giving thought to a recantation project.

Favourable Date: Jan 28 Favourable Colour: Blue & White

Aquarius ( 20 January – 18 February ) - You may be building an investment portfolio that will eventually grow wildly. You might feel something you've invested so much time, and effort in will eventually pay off. Life is good, and the best way of thanking the universe for this blessing is to enjoy it to the fullest. You’ve had your share of troubles, but like those barren mountains on the horizon, they have become a distant memory. All things are now in place so that a major life goal can be manifested. Whatever it may be, it can happen at any moment.

Favourable Date: Jan 24 Favourable Colour: Blue

Pisces ( 21 May – 20 June)  - You'll feel energised in work interests, where your confidence and performance level will be unusually high.You’ll gain access to people and situations capable of bringing out the best in you. You might even find that your achievements surpass everyone’s expectations. You would be able to put the results of your closest rivals well and truly in the shadows. Competitors will be watching your every move in the hope of picking up tips on how you are doing so well.  Promise yourself that you’ll remain pragmatic rather than let your ideas run away with you.

Favourable Date: Jan 23  Favourable Colour: Red

Manish Kumar Arora is a renowned KP Astrologer, Numerologist, Tarot Reader & Vastu Consultant.

He has been rendering professional advice to clients with a reasonable degree of success. 

He has been conferred with the title of 'Jyotish Varahamihir' and 'Jyotish Aryabhatt.' He has been writing monthly astrological columns for many international magazines. His website is www.internationalastrologer.in

 For personalised reading, he can be contacted at manish@manishastrologer.com




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