YUFASH's Evening-wear during fashion week, has captured the resilience of mysterious landscapes of Kalahari - Autumn Winter 2020

by VaiVai Editor • 11 Feb 2020

Founder & Creative Director Kadri Klampe’s inspiration this season took her to one of the harshest and oldest deserts in Africa – the Kalahari. This remote location is inhabited by one of the oldest tribes in the world: The Bushmen. It is their organic attention to craft, pattern, color, and beading - but repurposed for winter – that has captured the designer’s attention this season.

Their organic approach reflects that of the fauna that has made Kalahari’s challenging landscape their home. Resilience is a natural necessity, with animals surviving for weeks - sometimes months - without water or food.

Surprisingly, this desert - one of the toughest places on earth - is home to a wide variety of species, including elephants, giraffes, lions, cheetahs, leopards, rhinos, and wildebeest.

AW20 Eveningwear captures the resilience, strength, and elegance of this mysterious landscape’s inhabitants. This 16 piece collection features layered beading inspired by wild patterns and structures, combined with Yufash’s signature reflective prints.

A stark contrast is presented by the merging of such organic influences and Yufash’s signature modernity. The combination of long metallic draped gowns with zebra and leopard beaded gloves captures the very essence of this season’s collection. A robust organic spirit is evident in waist-gathered coats with wide collars, in homage to the nomad kings and queens who rule this land.

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