WWF And British Royalty Save The Treasures Of Romania

by VAIVAIMAGAZINE • 29 Nov 2016

WWF directed the inventory of species and habitats of European weight in Hartibaciu Plateau, in order to understand the wildlife preservation needs. The region is so beautiful and of such importance, that Prince Charles ordered a reproduction of the Transylvanian hills in his own garden. (more details on his property)

In Maramures, WWF focused on a project aiming to get the Mara-Cosau-Creasta Cocosului area certified as national eco-tourism destination. Here, WWF supports a farmers association to develop and have better access to markets and their High Nature Value products (HNV), obtained via traditional methods that maintain the natural diversity.

Romania boast more than half of the remaining virgin forests in Europe for which WWF, with the support of the civil society, managed in 2012 to set up an appropriate legal framework that would protect them. The virgin forests are the last places on our planet where nature survives in its purest state, untouched by humans.

They are the homes of hundred- years old trees and rare species of plants and animals. WWF is currently mapping and identifying these forests, thus protecting thousands of hectares of virgin woods, among which the ones of Sinca Veche in Brasov and Strambau-Baiut from Maramures.

Everybody can contribute to protecting the forests via “Adopt a bear” project on At the same time, you can redirect 2% of your income tax.

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