What Kinds of Summer Vacations Are Safest During This Pandemic? Europe Edition

by VaiVai Editor • 18 Jul 2020

With countries around Europe, overcoming coronavirus restrictions, opening borders, and creating new ways to guarantee safe travel for visitors, summer holidays to Europe are becoming a practical possibility for relief-seeking travelers.

The European Best Destinations Organization (EBD), which is part of the European Commission's EDEN Network, has compiled a Top 20 of the safest cities in Europe, where you can travel after a pandemic. Greece, Croatia, and Georgia top the list.

The authors of the study included 13 states and 18 cities on the list. Portugal (especially the Azores, Aletejo and Algarve), Romania (Sibiu), Montenegro (Kotor), Poland (Warsaw, Gdansk), Austria (Vienna), Slovenia (Bohinj), Lithuania (Vilnius), Latvia (Riga), Finland (Oulu) and Malta were also among the favorite places to relax. These destinations were less affected by the virus. Also, there are strict hygiene requirements, air conditioning filters are frequently changed in restaurants and hotels, a mask-wearing regime is introduced, and social distance is respected. Besides, most hotels are close to city hospitals, which have more beds per person than most European countries.

Before traveling to any of the beautiful places that made it to the list, EBD recommends:

  • Remain vigilant and do not forget the barrier gestures, social distancing, wearing masks when possible and necessary;
  • Avoid traveling if your health is poor;
  • People over 70, those overweight or who have respiratory problems should be particularly vigilant;
  • It is travelers' responsibility to protect their most fragile loved ones and residents of host countries.

Here is the complete list of European tourist destinations considered relatively safe by EBD:

1. Tbilisi, Georgia

2. Corfu, Greece

3. Cavtat, Croatia

4. The Azores

5. Preveza, Greece

6 Alentejo, Portugal

7. Batumi, Georgia

8. Zagreb, Croatia

9. Algarve, Portugal

10. Sibiu, Romania

11. Kotor, Montenegro

12. Rijeka, Croatia

13. Warsaw, Poland

14. Vienna, Austria

15. Bohinj, Slovenia

16. Malta

17. Gdansk, Poland

18. Vilnius, Lithuania

19. Riga, Latvia

20. Wild Taiga, Finland






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