What inspires fashion designers?

by Dr Dreps • 17 Sep 2018

I simply went round and asked this simple question of course.

Laura Lee wanted to show that women “can be fuckbois too”. It’s all playful and in jest of course. Her leather jackets feature slogans such as ‘seduce – destroy’ and ‘flirting with disaster’ etc.

The 90s Liverpool team was the inspiration for two designers: Vinti Andrews. Their designs feature vintage Liverpool football club colours, with a modern twist.

Designer Livia Tang found inspiration while watching a 70s horror movie. Yes, really.

Chinese designer ‘Uooyaa’ was at pains to show that the Chinese are also “playful and free”. There are pieces with disco lights, rock bands and many other fun themes.

The inspiration for Patrick McDowell’s collection came from his dad's epic hiking trip. A lot of boots and big jackets are on show, albeit with a modern and very fashionable twist.

Others worth mentioning were the beautiful all white designs inspired by the 16th century Elizabethan era by designer Nabil Nayal. As was the music festivals inspired designs by J.won.

Of course... not everybody is inspired by an era, a muse of any sort, a film or a country. As one designer casually put it “I don’t know mate… i just simply browse online”. Which is just fine too. Shout out to Pinterest! Inspiration comes from all sorts of areas of life. Which makes the fashion world go round.

Till next time…. Au revoir.

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