Weekly Horoscope for 20th-26th July

by VaiVai Editor • 20 Jul 2020


( 21 March – 19 April )–This is a week of trusting your intuition and gut feeling.  Artistic projects will bring spirituality and energy. Do enjoy the increased energy and find your spiritual side. Your business would go great, but you need to extract good work and proper conduct from every one of your employees. Communication will let them know your expectations. If employed,  your employer will admire your work and will praise you this week. Hard work and perseverance will definitely pay off.  If you feel overwhelmed and stressed by everyone wanting your attention, just go with the feelings and try to relax.

Favorable Date: July 23 Favorable Colors: Red & White


( 20 April – 20 May ) - You have financial obligations that are coming due; however, there is a monetary opportunity that could disappear if you hesitate. You would investigate all sides of an investment. Research, don’t let finances slide, and definitely talk with an expert when investing. You would keep your mind clear and have the determination to succeed.  Your mind is the source of power and you would capitalize it.  This is a great time for romance and deeper friendship. If you’re single the week may produce a series of very interesting contacts. This is also an excellent time to search for love in your existing connections. 

Favorable Date: July 21 Favorable Colors: Red & Green


( 21 May – 20 June) – This week will require that you exhibit independent thinking and take positive actions if you want to come out on top of your career. You have the ability to talk a co-worker into doing exactly what you need them to do. If in a job, you would strive to make positive changes in your approach as to how you can be more productive to your organization. .There is someone close to you and you need to let them know exactly how you feel. Be open and honest in your communications and this will pay off in your relationship. You could ask for a commitment whether the relationship is new or old.

Favorable Date: July 20 Favorable Colors: Red & Blue


( 21 June – 22 July )  - This is a week of inner awakenings. Don’t let the past guide your present and your future to the extent that you close up and stop trying. You would look to the future and remember that there are good things waiting for you in all aspects of your life. You do have the power to control what will happen; make sure you have all the facts, keep your head above water in financial issues, and learn to communicate more effectively in regards to relationships. Ask your love to be proud to be with you; courageous and passionate.

Favorable Date: July 24 Favorable Colors: Green & White


( 23 July – 22 August ) - Careers and business affairs will flow smoothly during the week. You will be able to accomplish many projects.  Business is great, but you would be needing the cooperation of all of your employees. You would have a heartful discussion with your employees. However, personal issues may upset all that great energy, and people could be annoying, touchy, and want your attention. Beware of stormy times, however in a relationship. You may feel that you want to just give up and go your own way.  The communications and the way you offer them will be of paramount importance. 

Favorable Date: July 23 Favorable Colors: Green & Red


( 23 August – 22 September ) - The money issues will be positively influenced this week with all the goodness flowing in your career and professional life. Some hectic days are in store, but they will provide a good opportunity to attend to paperwork and financial matters. Your superiors have difficult projects coming your way, but since you have high work ethics you can handle them. You would remain calm and poised and keep your attitude positive. If you do it could very well mean that you may receive a promotion, praise, raise, or a small bonus. 

Favorable Date: July 24 Favorable Colors: White & Red


( 23 September – 22 October ) - The period will transform your communication skills into something quite expansive and creative but carefully weigh your words with your subordinates. You should keep your calm and balanced and stay away from any illusions of grandeur. Creativity will eventually show up, but the emphasis should be on thought, details, and thoroughness, whilst maintaining a positive environment in the workplace. You may be flooded with big thoughts, but you need to be careful because uncertainty may step in and extra caution is needed. 

Favorable Date: July 26 Favorable Colors: White & Green


( 23 October – 21 November ) - Your social skills and general easy-going attitude will be an excellent motive for finding new opportunities and for becoming a precious help for your colleagues. You may well become the light at the end of the tunnel for other people’s problems. Whether you are attached or single there is a great love coming your way and a whole new type of relationship. Someone will inspire you to open up your mind and heart to them. That may mean cohabitation, marriage, or an unconditional profession of love and adoration. Be open to this possibility.

Favorable Date: July 23 Favorable Colors: Red & Green



( 22 November -21 December )  - This week will see a lightening of past problems You will have the instincts within you to make the right decisions in business, relationships, health, and finances. .You will have the opportunity to be bold with those you come in contact with.  Make sure you compromise when it is necessary and hold your ground when you feel strongly about your opinions. Understand the need to continue building on past successes to ensure future accomplishment. Keep positive in both work and relationships and you’ll be able to accomplish quite a lot. 

Favorable Date: July 25 Favorable Colors: Blue & White


( 22 December – 19 January ) - Take this time to assess your securities, your money, and your financial future instead of making big decisions or to become involved in major financial transactions, Expect an overflow of contacts and opportunities in the second half of the week, which will likely force you to make a list of priorities and to adapt to this new life trend. In a relationship, your mood may be constantly shifting and misinterpretations may be on their way towards you, so you need to weigh your words carefully and make sure you don’t use your words as a tool for aggression. 

Favorable Date: July 24 Favorable Colors: Yellow & White


( 20 January – 18 February ) - You’ll be very busy with work-related matters. You should expect a situation of overwork. Get organized, keep an eye out for details, and try to work with people instead of bossing them around and being a dictator. You could feel restless or even overwhelmed throughout the week, but you need to keep your patience. The emphasis should be placed in keeping stress levels to a minimum, since these may negatively influence all other aspects of your life and your health in particular. Make sure you take time to relax and to work out a little.

Favorable Date: July 22 Favorable Colors: Red & White 


( 19 February – 20 March ) - The energy you’ll feel throughout this week will easily be directed to the construction of something important, both in your personal relationships and in your work environment. Moreover, you should make the most out of this positive energy, and these changes and transform them into happiness.  Money could be coming your way and it’s a great time to complete business deals. Your own originality and uniqueness are bound to come shining through. Romance could be on the serious or practical side.

Favorable Date: July 25 Favorable Colors: Green & White

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