Weekly Horoscope 25th Feb – 3rd April

by Vera • 25 Feb 2019

Aries ( 21 March – 19 April ) - This would be a week of professional enthusiasm and satisfaction at the financial level. You must necessarily boost your efficiency so that you have as much time for non-professional activities. Love and eroticism will bring enthusiasm, exuberance, passion, thirst for adventure and good luck. You'll be in an excellent shape having a lot of physical energy. Accomplishments will come primarily from cultural-intellectual activities, The weekend would be more appropriate for holiday and fun than for work and will be connected to trips or distances and will be marked by relationships.
Favourable Date: Mar 3 Favorable Color: White

Taurus ( 20 April – 20 May ) - You have, a satisfactory period ahead of you, excellent for intellectual work, and also for meetings, discussions or negotiations. All sorts of ideas will spring to mind, and you'll learn a variety of things, You'll find it very easy to make calculations, as well as to deliver speeches or to express yourself in writing. .You'll start new things, and get involved in various procedures and you'll be very hard-working. Partnerships will tend to be the target of some critical decisions, but also of some conflicts or rivalry. Avoid imposing your point of view in a too direct or firm way.
Favourable Date: Mar 1 Favorable Color : Blue

Gemini ( 21 May – 20 June ) - It will be a good week for both status and profit and welfare. You will advance, impose, self-promote and benefit from some favourable circumstances. You'll experiment a slightly different style from the usual one. Romantic predispositions, delicate and shy, will fade away and in their place will come a robust sexual instinct, doubled by a strong cerebral component. Idealism will take a break. No more dreams and subtlety, you'll want concrete action, information and clarifying discussions, physical, real expression, and would be authentic and vigorous. Favourable Date: Feb 25 Favorable Color: Yellow

Cancer( 21 June – 22 July ) - The wind of success will blow from long-distance collaboration, work in foreign countries or work that keeps you in touch with foreigners, study trips or business, university, cultural or publishing activities. Consciously or intuitively, you might build a more sophisticated or ample project, which will probably be made known next year. Going out and socialising will be beneficial to the couple lives or could contribute to building a new relationship. .The physical energy will abound. You'll need to exercise to keep yourself in shape.

Favourable Date: Feb 28 Favorable Color: Blue

Leo ( 23 July – 22 Aug ) - You'll focus on money: You'll build, initiate, struggle, maybe even fight to keep or raise your income. You might get some business ideas or make a more important acquisition. Partnerships and collaboration can play an important role. Joint activities, popularity, friends, supporters or protectors can also contribute to increasing the income or to obtaining some material benefits. Some things, both as regards work and finances, would require more order and clarity. You won't be in top shape. You won't be very energetic, and your body resistance could be weak.

Favourable Date: Feb 2 7Favorable Color: Red

Virgo( 23Aug – 22 Sep ) - You'll be extra lazy, lack motivation, drive, have no patience with people. There can be some indecision, jumping before thinking, or constant changing of the mind. A lot of people will make their holiday travel plans. You don’t want to leave things the way that they are, and if you feel boxed in, you’ll run. Try bringing something new into your life, or doing something adventurous. Your inner adventurer wants to come out, and you can enjoy yourself more. This can be an excellent time to start learning something new, take a class, and debate philosophy and beliefs with people.

Favourable Date: Feb 25 Favorable Color: White

Libra ( 23 Sep – 22 Oct ) - There are more rewards now for work you do, and it can take less effort to get the job done. You can make a good impression on someone, do well in the public eye, or be recognised by a boss or mentor. You get along better with bosses, mentors, parents, and anyone older than yourself. You may spend less time at home, enjoying your time at work. You can feel like your family is stifling you and preventing you from having the opportunities that you desire. You need to step back and take a break from all of the expansion so everyone can adjust.

Favourable Date: Mar 1 Favorable Color: Yellow

Scorpio ( 23 Oct – 21 Nov ) - You can see opportunities presented to you to join forces with someone in business or finance. You can settle debts with people, or start a new venture that benefits you and other people. You may decide to transform something in your life, some aspect of your personality, or your physical self, and improve your quality of experience as a result. If you’ve been irresponsible with your finances, you may see a setback. You’re more sensitive to what other people say and think about you, and can take it too much to heart now.

Favourable Date: Mar 2 Favourable colour: Green

Sagittarius ( 22Nov -21 Dec ) - You find more pleasure in expanding your life in some way. The more you push past the fences in your life, the more adventurous you are, the more fun you will have. This can be an excellent time to start learning something new. Conversely, you can also be lazier, so you have to force yourself to do the work, but once you do, you enjoy it and do well with less effort. Travel can go well, though it would be better during the weekend. If single, you can meet someone from a foreign country or different background from yourself.

Favourable Date: Feb 27 Favorable Color: Red

Capricorn ( 22 Dec – 19 Jan ) - You’ve likely been experiencing miscommunications and arguments with your loved ones. You have a hard time understanding them clearly, and vice versa. If you have children, they’ve likely been rebelling or having some trouble of their own. If dating, you could end a relationship, or see the return of an old love. Creativity can come and go, and inspiration is hard to find. You either want more time for your hobbies than you can spare or have too much time for them and don’t feel they give you the same thrill that they once did.

Favourable Date: Feb 27 Favorable Color: Blue

Aquarius ( 20 Jan – 18 Feb ) - You could begin a big creative project that brings opportunities into your life. You may take up a new hobby that you really enjoy and becomes a passion. If you have children, a favourable opportunity could be presented to them, or they’re in the spotlight. If in a relationship, you can try to make it more fun, and find the sparks you had when you first met. If single, you can meet someone new, but you may not take it too seriously, especially at first, and delay any real commitment.

Favourable Date: Mar 3 Favorable Color: White

Pisces ( 19 Feb – 20 Mar ) - You can feel more creative, artistic, and inspired, making this a good time for those of you in creative fields. You feel most like yourself when you’re doing things that you enjoy, engaging in hobbies, and letting yourself have fun. Make sure you have time to spend on your hobbies, and if something interests you, feel free to give it a try. If you’re in a relationship, you can direct more attention toward your partner. If single, you can meet many people who spark an interest. You come across as more gregarious, proud, and warm.

Favourable Date: Feb 28 Favorable Color: Blue

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