Weekly Horoscope 22nd April- 28th April

by Vera • 21 Apr 2019

Aries ( 21 March – 19 April ) – This week can set your future on its new course. It offers an exceptionally potent thrust for launch, for speculative and creative ventures, for re-visioning your heart’s desires. Travel, relocation, higher education, a new vocation, and new love stand a good chance.A significant relationship or association can end, and a new one could be instrumental to your future.A family member, perhaps a parent, could claim more attention too.  This week can also bring insurance, inheritance, parenting, birth, legacies to the foreground. 

Favorable Date: April 28 Favorable Color: Blue

Taurus ( 20 April – 20 May )- This week can help you to gain a better professional reputation, to become known as someone of rank or significance in your chosen field.   Career and financial prospects will increase. This period puts an added priority on personal and professional relationships, commitments and contracts. Your relationship with an intimate partner, present or past, can also be an attention getter. This week can see you formalize an existing relationship, set up a new one, or it can draw out an ending or goodbye to the existing one.You’ll have a better sense of where it is going and what you can do to help yourself along.

Favorable Date: April 23 Favorable Color: Purple

Gemini ( 21 May – 20 June )  - There is a lot of added concentration on backward-looking, inner soul searching, and self - development. The stars are gifting you with an exceptional opportunity to bring something of the past forward into a new context. It’s a time to conquer and empower yourself, to defeat self-sabotaging ways, old behavior patterns, or addictions. Regarding a key relationship, an immediate circumstance, project, ambition, can also give you more time to work out the necessary kinks, to get clearer and better focused. It is to your advantage to get organized and on track now. 

Favorable Date: April 28  Favorable Color: Blue

Cancer ( 21 June – 22 July ) - Your career sector is indicative of new proposals, probabilities of joint ventures – perhaps acceptance to university or that job which you so dearly wanted.This energy is excellent because you’re feeling inspired, more ready to move forward – and since change is what you’re looking forward to. This is your opportunity to confront what’s standing right in front of you and to do it with singular focus and determination. Reality is forging a whole new look.This month finds you a little overwhelmed but satisfied just as well. 

Favorable Date: April 23 Favorable Color: Blue

Leo  ( 23 July – 22 August )–This week signals a good time to cut back on your overhead, to downsize, to get more goal-oriented, and to concentrate on quality over quantity. If you find yourself in another go ‘round with someone of significance – especially one you feel enmeshed with, bound to, usurped by – recognize it as a critical evolutionary crossroads. It is a chance to break out of the repeating loop and to move the karma along. This week can produce a significant recall, repeat, or re-visitation. There’s a possibility that you are in a rut or are in living situation or in a company that doesn’t seem to resonate with your beliefs.

Favorable Date: April 28 Favorable Color: White

Virgo ( 23 August – 22 September )–This period makes you confront self-undermining, addictions, inner demons, issues of empowerment, loss of power or passion, etc.. The weekend can end a wait, a trial run, a contract, or training program, or bring some other important matter to a finish line or a crystallization point. If you need to invest or to make important decisions, try to pad it with special safeguard provisions, to ensure there is a return in it. It is an ideal time to mend fences with a parent or another significant person or organizational body.

Favorable Date: April 25 Favorable Color: White

Libra ( 23 September – 22 October ) - It’s time for you to test your values and beliefs. This week signifies an immense ability to bear and withhold stress, strain and maintain oneself with conduct. It’s time to push your willpower because situations that test you might be around the corner. Circumstances can force you to redirect your attention and involvement. You could pull the plug on someone or vice versa Being in love depends on your skill of maintaining relationships and your restraint from letting things or people change you. 

Favorable Date: April 27 FavorableColor: Yellow

Scorpio ( 23 October – 21 November ) - This is a sensitive week for many of you. You should go beyond sensual pleasure and strive for mental peace to make the relationship work. You must avoid every bit of anxiety, fretfulness, and worry because it adversely affects the body. Positive thinking and looking at the brighter side will keep it bay. Those of you who are making trips could form liaisons with people who become firm friends in time. You may become romantic partners as well. In committed relationships, you will be able to clear the air with a loved one with whom you have not been getting along too well recently. 

Favorable Date: April 26 Favorable Color: White

Sagittarius (22 November -21 December ) - The financial potential is massive, this week. Just be smart enough to avoid the weekend for major choices and major expenditure. You also urgently need to put some rules and limitations on what is a free-floating area of your finances, business, credit card, house, apartment, possessions or charity. This period encourages you to observe, research, or study, to build up your resources, or to re-strategize. It is furthering the process of regenerating, rejuvenating, re-inventing, and reclaiming yourself and your life. 

Favorable Date: April 24 Favorable Color: White

Capricorn ( 22 December – 19 January ) - There could be some good news for you at the beginning of the week. You may make an enjoyable journey to see friends or relatives. Investments may come along just when you can take advantage of them, and you are well placed to take a calculated risk in whatever field you like to venture money, time or effort. You’ll have a great time with friends, and there could even be a touch of romance in the air! Take care not to get tired and stressed, and don’t try to do too much at once.

Favorable Date :April 26 Favorable Color: White

Aquarius ( 20 January – 18 February ) - You may be tempted to take unnecessary chances in business. You’ll also be inclined to blow things out of proportion.  Try to find a way to cooperate with people in political matters. There could be unreasonable demands made of you by your family and friends causing you to feel overwhelmed. You may be feeling a bit down for one or a number of reasons this week.  New opportunities to meet and socialize with others will be present for this entire week, so be open and approachable. A new project may be coming soon. This will wake you up and lift your spirits. 
Favorable Date :April 25 Favorable Color: Yellow

Pisces ( 19 February – 20 March ) – This week prompts you to make a relationship commitment, to become a parent, to launch your own business, to sign a significant contract, to work on a specific project. It can also help you to get real, to get better dedicated and committed, to put better effort into yourself, your relationship, and your financial get-ahead. Profound inner change is occurring for you now. There is no better time than now to fix, correct, heal, to release or relinquish, to renovate and upgrade, to hone your skill, to do what needs to be done. 

Favorable Date: April 22 Favorable Color: Yellow

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