Weekly Horoscope 11th of May-17th of May

by VaiVai Editor • 11 May 2020


( 21 March – 19 April  ) - You begin this week with positive energy - your energy, efficiency and sense of timing would be great. You will forge ahead and consummate you goals. Your determination and strong will continue in career and dealings with parents and higher-ups - these will show you favor through the week ahead. Work pressures will also continue.  For singles, love is on the horizon.  Enjoy the social, cheerful, flirty, fun rounds of life. A durable relationship will stand the test and prove its longevity again. 

Favorable Dates –May 17 Favorable Colors – Red & White


( 20 April – 20 May ) – You may want to expand your horizons, spending time, learning something new, studying a philosophy or religion, or jet-setting to some foreign land. This is an excellent time to get going if you’ve been feeling trapped, or have had a situation that’s felt flat and is being stagnant. There are no barriers that can hold you in and no limit to how high you can fly. You don’t want to be bothered with routine duties, choosing fun and play over work and practical matters. The little things matter less than the big things now, so it’s not an ideal time for decision-making on the relationship.

Favorable Dates –May 16 Favorable Colors – Purple & White


( 21 May – 20 June) – You may feel stuck and stagnant, wanting to explore the world but unable to do so, trapped in your own little circumstances. You want excitement and get routine, you want casual fun and get serious work. On the flip side, you can have no patience for exploration, and avoid expansion completely, terrified of it. This can also impact your convictions, and you’re too possessive of them, not able to see anyone else’s point-of-view, or you question them yourself, wondering if these beliefs and faiths are true to who you really are or if you’ve been a blind follower. 

Favorable Dates – May 11 Favorable Colors – Blue & Yellow


( 21 June – 22 July )- You have a nice flow of events this week and you are going with the flow and enjoying life as it comes. You'll admire accomplishments you've made so far and can firmly pat yourself on the back. You'll be motivated to arrive at an ideal solution to a problem. Your natural problem-solving skills will wow the bosses and they'll be inspired to follow your suggestions in the situation. A romantic streak continues to wind through your moments, and exciting meetings, partnership issues, passionate moments, and opportunities are encountered by you. 

Favorable Dates – May 13 Favorable Colors – Green & Red


( 23 July – 22 August ) - You enjoy focusing on the more serious parts of life, dipping into the mysterious and unknown side, and exploring your depths. You will have a compulsive personality and show a keen interest in research. In love, you want passion and intensity and won’t settle for anything less. If single, you’re attracted to someone mysterious and brooding. If in a relationship, you want to forge a deep bond with your partner, but need to watch for being over-possessive. You would be too bogged down by the serious aspects of life-giving little time for playful activities.  

Favorable Dates –May 14 Favorable Colors – Green & Red 


( 23 August – 22 September ) – You would be more calm and composed, not wanting to go overboard with anything, preferring to be patient, take your time, and going slow but steady. You would have an urge to be monetarily sound, and go down on a new financial path that leads to better prosperity. You would be even and fair with colleagues and family members, wanting everyone to get along and keeping the peace. You may come across as accommodative, charming, or attractive. You may take some time this week to spend with a relative, friend, or loved one. Your company is greatly appreciated by all and sundry this week. 

Favorable Dates – May 14 Favorable Colors – Purple & White

Libra ( 23 September – 22 October )  - Your exceptional ability to influence others, plus your own craving for harmony, is in the spotlight this week as you look for ways to solve ongoing dilemmas or reach important decisions. Pushing too hard to get your own way may not bring the results you desire and you need to take all along your path. People around you at home and at work have their own ideas, and you might not agree with everything they propose. However, there are some delightful people of the opposite sex around you, and love and attraction could be electrifying and vibrant too. 

Favorable Dates – May 16 Favorable Colors – Blue & Yellow


( 23 October – 21 November ) - Your career, reputation, and financial prospects are emphasized over this week.  Higher-ups are temperamental, so you need to pursue the path steadily.  Take some joy in the little things life is offering you right now.  If in a relationship, some differences of opinion are bound to creep in so stay calm. Talk about your beliefs, bond with what you have in common when it comes to your morals and principals. See what it is that attracted you to each other in the first place and it will keep the passion of love high. 

Favorable Dates – May 13 Favorable Colors – Red & Purple


( 22 November -21 December ) -  Many lucky moments open doors in money, investments and work this week. The period is positive for travel, connections, contacts, curiosity, and finding mysterious facts. You'll be effective, especially in relationships, socializing, professional opportunities, dealing with the public, scholastic openings, travel to far off places, research, business investment, and on personal levels, in love, sexual intimacy, lifestyle changes. You will chase money with success. A secret wish or plan could come true. Being in a moment of crazy love will keep the flames of passion burning all week. 

Favorable Dates – May 15 Favorable Colors – Red & Purple


( 22 December – 19 January ) - Your luck rides high this week. You start this week fresh, in a subtle sense. You would be free to take huge strides toward a goal of your own choosing, so choose well, with integrity and be true to yourself. Wisdom, gentle love, and compassion will lift your mood nicely. Almost anything and everything breaks your way. Work, earnings, and career especially career partnerships, or relocation for career reasons form a triumphant trio: you can advance, demand a pay raise, a better position. 

Favorable Dates – May 14 Favorable Colors – Red & Purple


( 20 January – 18 February ) - Your popularity, optimism, and happiness rises. You will see the world in a more gentle and wise light. You have some good ideas now, especially about the organization, systems, and efficient man-management. You're ambitious, too, but bosses are impatient, testy, so exercise diplomacy. You would demonstrate your skills, reliability, and eagerness to higher-ups, parents, and important clients. They would be willing to see what you have to offer in a long-term way.  You could easily fall deeply and profoundly in love. Your romantic possibilities tend to arise from social gatherings, clubs, organizations, etc. 

Favorable Dates – May 15 Favorable Colors – Blue & White


Pisces ( 19 February – 20 March )  - This entire week is social, optimistic, happy, and flirtatious. It would be a good idea to make sure that all of your financial matters are taken care of properly and not left to chance at this time. Your creativity and leadership instincts will be at a high point.  You will be noticed for your talent and skills to get things done and for your leadership abilities as well. Let your talents speak for themselves what you are capable of. A feeling of contentment will arise between you and your lover as you settle into making sound decisions. 

Favorable Dates – May 12 Favorable Colors – Red & Green

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