Wagamama Launches First Ever Fashion Collaboration With Iconic Designer, Michiko Koshino

by Vera Lovici • 07 Feb 2019

London, 4th Feb 2019 – 25 years after Wagamama opened their first branch, which led to a change in the way that Britain consumes food, Wagamama has announced a collaboration with iconic fashion designer Michiko Koshino.This partnership will be a representation of the open-minded values of each brand, unveiled to the creative atmosphere of London’s Soho.

Bringing high-fashion to the high-street, Michiko Koshino has designed a uniform for Wagamama’s Noodle Lab.

Wagamama is running several cross-disciplinary collaborations throughout 2019, Wagamama x Michiko Koshino is the latest part of this series. Just like Wagamama, Michiko has a deep understanding of materials and quality – these sensibilities have led to the creation of a uniform that is subtly synonymous with the Wagamama brand.

The synergy between Michiko Koshino and Wagamama does not stop at the quality. Wagamama encourages staff to convey their personalities through their appearance despite being in uniform and Michiko Koshino encourages her followers to do the same through her designs. Both the brand’s target market of cultural butterflies would move between eating at Wagamama and wearing Michiko Koshino. They have a mission to prove that all types of people can express themselves however they want and still work together perfectly.

The uniform comprises of a t-shirt and an apron and is inspired by Michiko’s cult following and the commercialism of Wagamama. The silhouettes and use of colour, black and khaki, resonate with British & Asian cultures while having modern streetwear characteristics which will appeal to the Wagamama audience.

To present this collaboration, Wagamama will be releasing a video which both celebrates the uniform and promotes the importance of design within fashion and food.

Designer Michiko Koshino, says: “I am so happy about this collaboration with Wagamama, it was an honour to design the uniforms for such an iconic restaurant in London. I am a firm believer in the synergy between food and fashion and this collaboration's success is proof of that, the perfect fusion of our Japanese cultures." Ollie Payne, Head of Brand at Wagamama, added: “We were overwhelmed that Michiko Koshino wanted to create the new uniform for our noodle lab restaurant. We really wanted to create something that was a nod towards our Japanese heritage yet forward thinking and innovative. We couldn’t think of anyone better than Michiko to achieve that.”





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10 06 2019


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