Valentyna Protsak- A Uncontaminated Visual Artist

by VAIVAIMAGAZINE • 10 Dec 2016

Valentyna has virtually created her art movement, and most certainly has attracted a dedicated following through her seductive painting style, which one could describe as inspired by elegance with character, mixed with a bohemian twist.

Born in Kiev, Valentyna has studied at a variety of private art institutes, beginning at a very young age, and it is this experience that is reflected by the breadth of her creative talent, something her professional critics and admirers alike have come to expect with each new exposition.
Her flair for creating the sunshine in her paintings, where no sunlight exists, her ability to offer expression and emotion, or movement and sense of grace and style, all with barely a few brush strokes, is what sets Valentyna`s work apart from the pedestrian and vanilla - flavored standards of mediocre yet aspiring artists`work.

When asked in a recent personal interview about her motives to become an artist, Valentyna replied: 
"Already early in my life, i discovered a passion for painting. And I like the feeling to be free - to create a contribution to society."
Whether in Zürich, Monaco, Spain or Southern France, Valentyna creates works from the power of the moment - she is inspired by local lifestyles touch and motivate her to take a brush to canvas.
Her work embraces, yet challenges, the traditions of classical paintings venturing into contemporary practices and observations. She explores new possibilities by addressing contradictions, culminating in an aesthetic that commands electrifying optical power.

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