Unprepared for 2019? Digital transformations in marketing

by Vera Lovici • 26 Oct 2018

The news circulates at the speed of light, as do the trends in digital marketing.

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If you have not yet received the expected changes for the next year, we'll let you know. Not only did we keep an eye on all our specific sites, but we found out directly from Google what changes are prepared, and we tried successfully to implement a number of these new trends.

Because 2019 does not find you unprepared, we share some secrets:

                                        1. Video Marketing


It is expected that in 2019, 80% of online content will be in visual form. In this new context, video becomes the most advantageous option for companies that want to grow a brand and attract customers.

In the online environment, impact videos have advertising content, but they are also a valuable source of entertainment, which raises new challenges for marketers.

The bad news is that we will not share our ideas. Instead, the good news is that all platforms used in marketing have the option of video uploading. So, you can play with your variations - from a few minutes of ads on YouTube to original stories on Instagram.

Thus, video content can also be among the cheapest and most beneficial digital performance marketing methods.

As a plus, the Live Video option is the novelty with which Social Media platforms have surprised audiences over the past two years. For 2019, however, a new level reached by this function is announced. 45% of live video users said they would pay to watch a personality whose fan is in an online broadcast. Would you have expected such developments in the online environment?

2. Creativity at maximum odds

It would not be a novelty for anyone that success in marketing occurs as a result of original, quality content, but the diversity of online communication involves new approaches to its creation.

It becomes crucial that every message forwarded to the customer should contain new, authentic information and immediately capture the attention. Seth Godin says the world of the present means more information, more options, more freedom and more interaction. We are entirely in agreement!

Creativity is, therefore, the primary source that marketers must abuse in 2019. What changes is the level of personalisation of messages in the digital world? People want to receive information according to their taste, and in line with their expectations from the brands, they interact with, both in Social Media and Email Marketing. 2019 is just the beginning of a wave of individualised strategies.

 3. Google Ads, where?

Did you know that 30% of Internet users will be called to AdBlock by the end of this year?

You would think Google Ads will suffer, but the changes announced by Google are precisely the purpose of stimulating the advertising process. In this context, as marketers, we are continually adapting to new ways and channels of communication to reach customers.

Equally, it is essential that the dynamics of each one's preferences are fully understood so that new strategies are integrated into an effective and sustainable communication campaign.

To achieve successful results, marketers and their customers must increasingly watch micro-moments during a Customer Digital Journey.

You can take advantage of every interaction of a potential customer with your site, following his intentions and behaviour, then optimising your marketing campaigns.

This trend is complemented by increasing the importance of quality, personalised content that balances the balance in favour of companies running high-performance marketing campaigns.

   4. People and robots

What seemed unbelievable a few years ago will become normality in 2019. Prepare to collaborate with robots to give your clients new online experiences!

Chatboxes are the unique and effective method of interacting directly with current or potential customers by providing them with information about your brand awareness or about products and services (sales).

This option not only helps you get more data about your interests and intentions, but it will also help streamline the process of direct and quality interaction, a plus for any company.

For example, you have the chance to join Craft Interactive's Facebook page and talk to Craftulet, a robot that learns more and more from chatting and helps us respond quickly and precisely to our customers' requests. Moreover, in 2019, 40% of large companies will adopt this strategy.

Custom Marketing Methods will involve, from 2019, a chatbox with its personality. And to convince yourself that this is a good solution for any company, we also tell you that 33% of the 5,000 respondents in a poll have a favourable opinion about the chatbox interaction, while 48% say they are neutral. The latter can convince them immediately with the help of a robot with artificial intelligence.

We give you some ideas to make the changes, and you choose how you attract your customers!

5. Social Media Domination

With nearly half of the globe population present online, the role that Social Media platforms have in everyone's life gets new dimensions.

Although marketing people still learn to adapt to the impressive dynamics of online algorithms, it is important to remember that Social Media platforms provide essential data on people's preferences and behaviour.

At the same time, there is a tendency for Internet users to gain increasing trust in their influences, to the detriment of traditional advertising campaigns. People are encouraged to buy by following recommendations or reviews, causing companies to diversify the type and channels of communication to current and potential customers.

We expect 2019 to set new game rules in Social Media, so we have just begun to give up just telling people about our clients. We show them!

6. Vocal Searches

2019 does not invent vocal searches, but it will increase their usefulness. With more and more smartphone owners, voice commands become a convenience that they call 3.5 billion times a day only on Google.

Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Bixby or Google Now are the primary assistants of billions of people doing daily searches, and this again changes the dimensions of online performance marketing.

Voice searches differ from manual searches by the small number of results they display. You definitely want to be among the first options, and as a marketer, you want all your customers to get the best results. The solution? Beginning in 2019, invest more in SEO optimisation and keep up with technology!

At the same time, on this occasion, you are encouraged to create more original, and especially useful content for the types of audiences you are addressing.

As in the past, in 2019, we aim to stay together with our clients and partners with original, visionary ideas, solutions and proposals. Write to us and find out how you can take advantage of such an offer!





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