Types of peeling, when and why!

by VAIVAIMAGAZINE • 28 Sep 2016

We hear quite often that we need to exfoliate our skin and fight the imperfections (wrinkles and stains, especially) by a peeling. But what we know about this peeling? Here is some information to help us better understand the concept.

Peels are classified based on how it acts deeply into the dermis. Thus we have:

Natural peeling - we can make it at home and is actually a cleansing of the skin, made with natural ingredients: yogurt with less sugar, juice of an orange or a lemon, mixed with a little salt etc. Depending on how aggressively it can be done more or less often, depending on needs and other cosmetic treatments.

Superficial peeling - is used for removing small wrinkles, expression lines and to ease the signs left by acne. Acting on your skin, can be used on any skin type. This type of peel leaves the skin a little red, but the redness will disappear in a few hours. The session can be repeated every 15 days.

Medium peeling - is to help the disappearance of wrinkles, signs left by acne and sunspots. This type of peeling causes redness and skin peeling. It is excellent to remove wrinkles nearby the lip. Repeat each 6 weeks.

Deep peeling - removes all types of wrinkles, scars, and blemishes. Causing intense peeling and redness for 3-4 days. Only specialists perform it. Not recommended for people with dark skin. May be repeated every eight weeks.

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