Travis Scott Rap’s New Fashion King?

by Vera • 18 Jun 2019

Is Travis Scott Rap’s New Fashion King?

Travis Scott, or Jacques Webster, Jr, is making ripples across the world, not only thanks to his musical talent but also as an end of his unique fashion sense. He has become a champion at combining high-end catwalk items from the likes of Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Vetements (he does have a track called High Fashion after all) with streetwear pieces from brands like Fear Of God and Supreme.

It’s obvious that the rapper is a master when it comes to fashion-related projects; brands and magazines certainly seem to appreciate his aesthetic enough to book him for campaigns, cover shoots, and capsule collections
So what is it about Travis Scott’s style that has seen him invited so bearing by fashion designers the world over?

Travis Scott's Joggers
It's fair to say that Travis Scott's go-to bottoms are a pair of trusty joggers. Whether a pair by Vetements or Gosha Rubchinskiy, you can guarantee that he'll be wearing them.

A plaid overshirt
A plaid overshirt is a must-go-to, as are the earlier mentioned cargo pants that show off his grunge leanings, as Scott doesn’t usually go for traditional tailoring.

Camo Cool
Despite paying half of the time hiding his face and striking his signature pose, Travis has apparently managed to keep at least one eye on the latest trends.

Double Denim
As well as mixing up his pieces, Travis Scott also has a keen eye for balancing his outfits. This is distinctly obvious when he wears denim, which he likes to pair together.

A rapper rarely possesses a wardrobe as diverse as Travis Scott’s. That said, his love for hype-label looks is a constant theme in his dressing, one that sees Supreme box logos typically adorning his tees, sweatshirts, and hoodies.






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