There is a model in all of us. #GirlinAroom

by Dr Dreps • 20 Apr 2018

Gone are the days when most models on instagram where just tall & thin... and professionally signed to some big agency. The rise of 'body positivity' has brought models of all body sizes and more importantly, women (and men) of all races and colours. Slowly but surely. Which is a beautiful thing.

This bring me to the point of this article.

Earlier this year i posted this photo: which was an old picture of a shot from a shoot i'd done with a professional model about 2 years ago. I remember getting three private messages off this picture alone, which had the usual line of enquiry along the lines of "how much to do a shoot like this please?". I always reply with an hourly quote, nothing expensive... but 80% of the time that's the last i hear from some of them. It isn't the money putting them off. I'm not that expensive at all. More so, it's the fact that the ladies that private message me are not professional models, and they don't think they will look as good? This was my safe conclusion. So... i decided to start a #GirlinAroom series, where i would photograph anyone that is not a professional model.... for an hour. Just to show that given an hour with a professional photographer ANYONE is capable of having beautiful images that will look just as good as those taken for professional models.

I approach subjects on instagram - twitter - London streets... and i have photographed waitresses - students - a librarian - PR -  and several random creative ladies who are not professional models. I tell them to pick and choose whatever they desire to be photographed in on the day, so they can go with whatever makes them feel comfortable on the day. My job on this series is to make sure i can get at least 10 good shots that they are very happy with. Minimum.

In the end... if i can inspire more tentative - shy - and introverted people to book a shoot, who had previously send photographers private DMs about doing a shoot... then get cold feet or got scared about how they thought they would look.. then my work for this series is done [so far so good i'd say].

No one ever needs to be scared to hire a photographer for 'professional selfies' :)

Any time i make a plan to photograph anyone... once the day arrives, I'm the photographer and they are automatically the 'model'... so technically, anyone can be a model. 

*An exhibition of this series will be forthcoming later this year*.

Dank je.

Dr Dreps πŸ“Έ ✨





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