The Traditional Ceramic Fine Art from Tourette Sur Loup, South of France.

by Adrien Martinez • 24 Jan 2017

Pottery has been present among humanity for thousands of years; the very first civilisation was using pottery as a mean of art, vessels, and tools. Indeed, it has been such a historical artefact that travel through times.
Last week VAIVAI MAGAZINE went off a new journey to meet a professional ceramist, Sophie SCEMAMA, in the South of France. She is working closely with Isabelle CABLE, and they together give a master class to share the traditional pottery art.Sophie explained to us how it came into her life and showed us a small part of her work, which was already quite impressive. 
Surprisingly, she doesn’t consider herself as an artist but more like an artisan; because pottery is nevertheless is very technical. There are an impressive number of different technics, earth, and textures; it requires a lot of skills and time to achieve a piece that would be called art. 

For Sophie, it was love at first sight, previously painting for many years she wanted to feel the connection with the earth; It is well known as a mean of meditation from many places in the World. Sophie told us that it brings a lot to yourself, a lot of satisfaction, in a sense it is really self-rewarding. 
Also, it is never ending, everything is possible, and you always learn new tricks and perfect yourself. 

She perfected herself with the help of Victor GREENWAY and learned new technics for new creations. The most exciting thing she enjoys to do is when outside walking, she gets a lot of inspiration from nature and sometimes get new tools out of nature to create new effects on the thinnest piece of porcelain. 

She kindly showed us the most difficult pieces she had ever made out of the 350 pieces, the Sumo, made in the past 15 years. It has been a very pleasant day, and we have learned many new things about pottery, raku, and porcelains.  

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