The Story Behind Diamond Tennis Bracelet

by Elina Bromberg • 03 Nov 2016

Platinum Diamond Tennis Bracelet

One of the most popular jewelry pieces I make for my clients is a timeless and classic diamond tennis bracelet. It makes great gift for any occasion - birthday, anniversary and gains popularity as "push" gift. ;-)

There are few pieces of jewelry that have skyrocketed in popularity and managed to stay there in the same way that a diamond tennis bracelet has. What is interesting about this piece of jewelry is that it was popular even before it received its classic name. Many women were wearing the timeless thin bracelet with diamonds on it before it even had a name. Once it became known as the tennis bracelet, the popularity only increased. How, though, did such a delicate and intricate piece of jewelry become known as a 'tennis bracelet'? Well, the history of how this name for such a beautiful piece came about involves a really interesting story.

The diamond bracelet became known as the diamond tennis bracelet in the late 1980s when former World No. 1 tennis star Chris Evert stopped her match during the US Open. She had the match stopped so she could find her elegant light in-line diamond bracelet, which broke during play. From then on, it was known as a tennis bracelet, and that name is still used today. You do not have to play tennis to wear the bracelet, but it is a cute nickname for the bracelet. It just happens to be the name of a very beautiful piece of jewelry that was popular among tennis players in the 1980s.

The majority of women wear them as fashion pieces because they look great with just about any outfit. The tennis bracelet is such a fine piece of jewelry and a very classic accessory that will enhance your sophisticated look. They are really designed to look great with anything and to add a nice accent to a gorgeous outfit or even for daily wear.

Characteristics of Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Because these bracelets come with a number of stones, diamond tennis bracelets tend to be one of the pricier pieces of jewelry that you can own. The price range generally runs anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, depending on the carat size and the quality of the diamonds. Many diamond tennis bracelets come with stones that are of lesser quality than you will find in a ring, pendant or earrings, simply because the number of stones makes this style less costly. Lower quality stones do not necessarily mean a less brilliant piece of jewelry however, since many diamond flaws are only visible to a well-trained, magnified eye. 

What to Look for in your Diamond Tennis Bracelet

The most important feature to look for when shopping for a diamond tennis bracelet is a style that appeals to your personal taste. You can find these pieces in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors. The most popular metals that are usually used in these tennis bracelets are white or yellow gold, but you can also find some that will incorporate other types of gold as well. The more expensive bracelets that use larger stones will often have a platinum setting, since this metal can hold the stones more securely. When it comes to choosing your stones, cost may often be a factor. 

Tennis bracelets with Natural Fancy Color diamonds gain popularity these days.

Natural Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut diamond tennis bracelet set in yellow gold

One important feature that you will want to be sure that your diamond tennis bracelet includes is a safety clasp that will keep your bracelet on your wrist in the event that the original clasp comes open or breaks. This will help to prevent the loss of an expensive and valuable piece of jewelry. Most diamond tennis bracelets will come equipped with this feature, particularly if the jewelry piece runs on the higher end of the cost spectrum.

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