The purest air on the planet is in Buzau, Romania. It is the largest saline in Europe

by VAIVAIMAGAZINE • 17 May 2017

The salt mine has some unique superlatives: it is the largest in Europe in size, the volume of excavated salt is 2.9 million cubic meters, and holds the purest air on the planet, almost completely devoid of radiation and pollution.

About 100 kilometres from Bucharest and 44 kilometres from Ploiesti, Slanic Prahova resort, is a recognised destination for balneal-tourism activity since 1853 when it was declared a tourist resort of national interest.

Among the superlatives of Salina-Saline (Mina Unirea), the most important tourist and health objective in the resort, there is an enormous amount of excavated salt, 2.9 million cubic meters, which led to the creation of cavities with large volumes, respectively 14 trapezoidal rooms with about 80,000 square meters.

The 14 rooms have an opening of 10 meters to the ceiling, 32 meters to the floor, and the height is 54 meters. The depth of the salt mine is 208 meters. Impressive dimensions have made the salt mine the largest in Europe.

Two hours walking to go reach the salt mine

According to the existing documents, the back of Mihai Cantacuzino around 1685 bought Slănic estate. In 1713, the Slănic estate was donated to the Colţea Monastery in Bucharest. Between 1943 and 1970, the mine was in operation, and after 1970 it became a tourist attraction. Visitors' access was ensured by descending a "cage" through the extraction well, arranged for the transport of persons, up to a depth of 208 m. Last year, after the lift had broken, the visitation was done using minibuses. Tourists can see on the route the elements of the internal structure of the salt mass, the various coloured bands with grey and white tones of the salt, as well as the old places where the salt was exploited. Walking in the salt mine takes about two hours, while you can also enjoy the saline benefits.

The purest air on the planet

Indoor "salt palaces" have a constant microclimate, a steady temperature throughout the year of 13 ° C, a humidity of approx. 60% and saline aerosols with therapeutic effects on health, which has led to the setting of the saline both for recreation and for the treatment of respiratory diseases.

The conditions of the mine create the premises for the purest air on the planet, from which almost all radiation and pollution are missing. The National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Energy frequently performs tests and measurements in saline, and saline are in books for setting up a European cosmic research centre.

Treatment and relaxation area

Inside, there is a 50-seat sanatorium equipped with beds, chairs, tables, where visitors with breathing problems can spend a few hours in peace. A two-week treatment is sufficient for patients with lung problems.

Also, playgrounds with slides, swings and swings, sports fields, volleyball, handball, tennis, carting and mini football, a billiard table room and a buffet are set in the salt mine. Often, various competitions, competitions, exhibitions and concerts are organised in Unirea mine.

Spectacular are national and international aeromodelling competitions, possible due to the unique climate in which the air circulation speed is close to "0".

The most dramatic room of the salt mine is the Hall of Genesis, which houses the busts of Trajan, Decebal and Burebista, as well as sculptures with elements unique to the Dacian-Roman people. In the saline, there is also a bas-relief of Mihai Viteazul, as well as a bust of Mihai Eminescu.







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