The New Blazer 2016

by VAIVAIMAGAZINE • 10 Jan 2016

At the begining of each season, we talk about new trends. What is good to wear, what is not and what it will be in trends. But how are these trends set? Who dictates them?

The forecasting trend job is a real one and the practitioners don't have magical powers who can predict the future. 

Lidewij Edelkoort, perhaps the most teasing  in this domain, the world of the fashion industry , says that anticipating trends it closely resembles to archeology , just  that is applied in future. It is extremely important to know what happened 10 or 40 years ago because , actually , most trends have their roots in the past, particularly continuing trends such as Military style and the 50’s style, trends that you will find and this season among our choices .

The Blazer is the main object in a gentleman’s wardrobe, but customized short and arched, it becomes a feminine and chic piece to an outfit inspired by the uniforms of military parades.

LANVIN, ISABEL MARANT and GIVENCHY keep their classic lines, while HAIDER ACKERMAN and EMILIO PUCCI take the blazer into a more punk area.

VERA WANG’s look inspired by sporty chic style, it proofs us that blazer is comfortable and elegant.

Inspired by Fashion Photographer David Bailey 1969






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18 09 2017


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