The myths and facts of Apple Cider Vinegar

by Isabella Fideli • 23 Jul 2017

Yum! A spoon of vinegar before breakfast …
Am I sure we are all aware of the recent apple cider vinegar hype? Well, I am here today to break the myths and dish out the facts that have ranged from reversing weight gain to diabetes. Which, sorry to say are not true. However, the ingredient has proven to be useful in both health and beauty regimes.
Let's begin with the MYTHS of ACV…

“Drinking it in the morning means you will be less hungry throughout the day.”
-Not entirely, in fact, drinking ACV on an empty stomach is proven to be very harsh on your digestive system and causes typical heartburn.The (very limited) research carried out on vinegar delaying gastric emptying is utter crap! Sorry to say but it is most likely due to a slower digestive enzyme activity in the GI Tract of an individual.

“It is packed with Probiotics.”
Unfortunately, we would only get the benefits of these peacekeeping bacteria through vinegar if we all bought bottles of the subtract leftovers after fermentation. The commercial vinegar on offer to us all are highly processed; meaning probiotics are minimal at best. If you want to give your body a kick of healthy bacteria then here are some natural foods we can rely on; natural yoghurts, kimchi, sauerkraut and miso.

“It lowers blood sugar.”
Might do some good, but don’t bet on it! Some research has linked acetic acid with a slight reduction in blood sugar spikes after eating meals. Another of its proposed mechanisms being it- reduces the activity of carbohydrate digesting enzymes. WELL... This so called reliable human research has only ever been done using rats and small sample sizes. So, for all people with diabetes out there… proceed with caution.

“It helps digest Carbs.”
Nope, sorry people, no more free pass to eating doughnuts for breakfast. Only one individual carried out this study early 2006 to determine whether ACV limited the badness in high-carb/ high glycerin- index meals, the study had no real proof of the individual’s results linked the two together. Any further research and studies have not proved this to be true.
For any of you beautiful people who struggle with a carby diet like myself, switching to whole grain and whole-wheat is a life-changing decision. Some of these include; bulgur, quinoa, barley, brown rice, brown bread, millet.. the list goes on. This to a great way to keep your daily meals high in fibre

“It boosts your immune system.”
Using ACV as a dressing or dip regularly (the way it’s intended) may improve your health overall, but this is only from the antioxidant compounds of the produce. It is made by adding bacterial cultures and yeast to apple juice. With this in mind, it is tough for scientists to determine the quantity of beneficial antioxidants in ACV.
A guaranteed healthy option for us all is pulses; nuts and seeds which naturally fight baddies.


Kills bad breath
Many dentists recommend rinsing your mouth out with 1 part ACV and two parts water for 1 minute a few times a week. This will help maintain a healthy mouth; I asked my dentist about this one and hers what she said “as bad breath is bacteria related, ACV can get into the little gaps where your tooth brush can’t reach in your teeth and gums and eliminates the bacteria which cause bad breath.

Freshen up your body!
Fancy a natural deodorizer? Using a cotton pad dipped in ACV and rubbing it along the soles of your feet, armpits or any other smelly bits can do wonders for neutralising body odour. This is due to smells on the body being produced by bacteria, and ACV kills that bacteria.
P.s I promise the smell of Vinegar goes when it dries!

Gets rid of dandruff
Dandruff is a build of dead skin cells and bacteria, and as we all know now… ACV kills bacteria, giving us a DIY natural anti dandruff shampoo.
How to use: a few times a week, massage ACV and water into your hair and scalp before shampooing. For the record, I tried this myself and was pleasantly surprised with the shine and soft texture, give it a go!

“It cleans up toenail fungus.”
Gross, I know! What’s even grosser is I know from experience. After having the fungus on my toenails for a little while; I consulted my doctor who presented me with a mixture of creams and oils to rub daily onto my nails. This did nothing. I applied every day and still nothing. I then read an article on ACV and became curious of its Powers. I asked my doctor, and he suggested I try it; I washed my feet with ACV and soap every couple of days, and every other evening I soaked my toes in ACV. After a few months the results were dramatic, and since then it has never come back! You won’t know until you try.

Use it to clean your face!
Believe it or not most toners out there already incorporate the powers of ACV.
How to use: mix 1 Tbsp of ACV with 2 cups of water in a bowl, dip a cotton pad into the solution and wipe your face in slow strokes to allow your skin to absorb it. This great homemade toner works like an astringent to kill bacteria and dead skin.



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