The Engraving Process Presented by Futurecraft Adidas

by VAIVAIMAGAZINE • 18 Nov 2015

The second chapter of the series Futurecraft, shows Originals Superstar exclusive new Leather shoes . Adidas Futurecraft shows the etching process , a revolutionary combination of high-tech manufacturing processes with traditional material , whereby the upper of the shoe will not have any seams.

The new technology delivers flexibility , support and comfort using a single piece of material .

Using a special technique of engraving, traditionally applied metal components , polymers and resins , industrial production , a material Futurecraft Leather transform the tradition of the brand in the most efficient material for shoes .

Leather Futurecraft adidas is proof that it has the potential to cut the skin more precisely than ever and to keep up with the needs of the individual , creating shoes that fit perfectly to the geometry of the leg . The upper part of the shoe with a single piece of leather engraved on various thicknesses, provide flexibility and stability in key points.

The digital milling process gently cuts a single piece of leather, creating precision-engineered fit with the added benefit of drastically reducing the need for adhesives.

The process is the result of a collaboration between Adidas, industrial designer Alexander Taylor and shoe designer Joachim de Callatay.

“Futurecraft Leather is all about creating something new and unique out of something familiar,” said Adidas Creative Director Paul Gaudio. “The obsession to create and a deep emotional relationship with leather is what unites Adidas, Alexander and Joachim. The digitally automated milling process allows us to stretch the limits of our craft, bringing new form and function to an iconic material. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the 45th birthday of the Superstar.”

Paying homage to the Superstar’s years since its inception, 45 pairs of the special-edition Futurecraft Leather Superstars will be available at Dover Street Market in New York, London and Tokyo beginning Nov. 7.






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