The Chamber of Divorce

by Ionela Dumi • 20 Apr 2016

What draws our attention most when it comes to a new place, are stories that have been created around a place or a tourist destination.

The fortified church from Biertan makes no exception

About last fortified church built in Gothic style in Transylvania, Biertan can be said: the high fortress was intended to protect Saxon invasions, with double walls for defense or heavy entrance doors. But the most interesting story of this church is, by far, the chamber for divorce.

The particularity of UNESCO monument that gives uniqueness can be considered fun, but very effectively describes how to manage the problems of the inhabitants’ couple of others.

The Divorce Rom

A single bed, a table with a single chair, a plate and a fork. That was all the room had and the couple was supposed to speak and share them. But beyond to share beds and food, the two weeks were to relearn to coexist, to speak and, finally, to understand each other or to separate.

The results were pretty good for all the stories say that throughout the period of using this method of isolation chamber couples divorce; there were only two official separations. Best way to couples counseling, is not it? Biertan belongs to Sibiu County and the first official document is from 1283, and for almost 300 years was the residence of the Saxons. It is open to visitors and is a monument of the Transylvanian Saxon culture.





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