The Canyon and the Waterfall 7 Stairs

by Nyaeb • 25 Apr 2018

The Canyon and the seven waterfall stairs in Brasov are less well known for how beautiful and how accessible it is. Like the Ialomita Cave, although it is an old tourist destination, it deserves much more exposure!

It is an important attraction and according to the national press agency it is visited by tens of thousands of tourists annually. Given this wonderful area, local officials have made investments, rebuilt the passages and information boards and secured the stairs.


It is situated in the locality Timisul de Jos, about 10 km from Brasov. From Predeal, you have to drive 15 minutes extra. At one point you turn right and walk down a street until you reach the barrier to the land road. It's a fairly visible indicator. Another 5 minutes maybe on that road. From the barrier, there are only off-road vehicles that do not reach the canyon anyway. There is no parking space but there is room for at least 20-30 cars.

Along the path marked with a yellow band, there are stops arranged to a small distance from each other. Thus, you can rest in the " Sipoaia Valley" ,"Waterfall Waterfall" or "Sunny Luminis". At 100 meters downstream of the canyon, there is the Seven Stairs Chalet where a small buffet is set up.

What are the canyon and the 7 waterfall stairs?

A glimpse of water in the mountains!

Tight and steep, 160 meters long, with a level difference of 58 meters, at an altitude of 948 meters. The pass consists of ten steps, with heights between 2.5 and 15 meters, converted into waterfalls through the water volume of the Seven Scales, stream the left tributary of the Sipoaia river. Today, stairs are made of metal, 9 in number and are quite safe even for a child, the highest being 15 meters and the shortest 2.5 meters. Practically follow the water up the mountain through the stairs.

Program and tickets.

The Canyon and 7 stair cascades are open all year round from 10.00-17.00, closed only if the weather is absolutely unfavorable. The price of a ticket is 10 lei for an adult and 5 lei for children / students / students.

The road up to 7 stairs

Because the rad is a bit tricky, we want to tell you about the road from the barrier to the canyon.

It is through the forest, the stoned road at first but then even a mountain path of the earth. Quite difficult, it must be made compulsory with proper shoes and lasts for a normal tourist for at least one hour. On the way, you have a few places where you can rest and where you can sit at a wooden table. It's such a beautiful way that you do not feel the weather. The phone alert often disappears, but you have nature instead and it's enough. Take a bottle of water with you because you have no stops on the way to buy something.

There are 21 ziplines all the way from the barrier to the canyon, for 50 ron per person, you will be able to use all the ziplines. You will be instructed upstairs and then you go to the bottom from zip line to another one.

Be careful, is not easy at all, The one in the picture is the easiest.

It is amazing what nature can do, the canyon and the seven stairs have been visited for a very long time and at the beginning of the 20th century there were 7 wooden stairs fro where the current name comes from, there are still signs of people passing by.

The entrance is now arranged and you can have the surprise to sit a little in the queue. It's getting fast, though, because it's coming in groups. You climb the first ladder and walk virtually across the mountains along a high-rise stream.

It is not dangerous and only the third step is high, the rest is easily accessible.

The road through the gorge lasts for about 30 minutes and goes out into the mountains. From there you go right and follow the red bullet sign to go around the slope and get to where you left. Another 30 minutes but easier to walk. If you follow the white/yellow sign you climb for about 3-4 hours to Piatra Arsa Chalet.

It is a half day trip. It is absolutely wonderful during summer and winter. Go prepared and enjoy nature. Its worth every second!







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