The Basics

by Andreea Oncioiu • 11 Dec 2015

How many times per day do you open your wardrobe doors and you think, “ What am I going to wear? “

The most of the time it’s the age-old lament: “I have nothing to wear”. And what do you do then?

You end up standing in front of your wardrobe trying to figure out what will be perfect for that day considering your mood, the moment, the weather, etc.

The worst scenario is when you go to multiple try-ons and inevitably you end up running late for work and obviously unsatisfied.

The basics are those wardrobe essentials that you can take for granted.

They include timeless classics that are constantly being reinvented – the cardigan, little black dress, polo shirt, t-shirt, trench coat or jeans.

There are some brands that are the champions to balance the timelessness of traditional classics with the latest trends.

Our top favourite brands for basics are:

The American label J Crew who keeps the client’s interest constantly engaged and it’s the best for the classic jeans.

Gap one of the pioneers for basics with its campaign “Classics Redefined” who has returned the brand to the desirable fold.

The Italian brand Benetton who relaunched its basic sweater in a rainbow palette, or the Japanese brand Uniqlo with its design sensibility to the basics range.

Labels such as the French companies Petit Bateau with its nautical shirts or Anne Fontaine’s simple white shirts stand on their own.

Even the most avant-garde of designers like Maison Margiela’s Ligne 6 Designs are not afraid to offer basic items.



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