Technology Meets Fashion: The First 3D-Printed Fashion Collection

by Martin Rybak • 17 Dec 2016

The 27-years-old Danit Peleg combines engineering know-how and creative design to turn it into an entire fashion collection created by using only home printers.

Technology and fashion are two terms that are merging more and more together. But whenever technology was part of a fashion show, the clothing itself was not really what one would call “ready-to-wear”.

The collection created by Danit Peleg is different: not only is it a statement of art, fashion and technology, but it is also wearable. The collection is simple enough for everyday wear and at the same time, it is something that one could imagine to see during the fashion week in Paris or London.

The process behind the creation of the first printed fashion collection was intense: 9 months of research and 2000 hours of printing which means 400 hours per outfit.

Each time an industry becomes digital, such as the music industry when CD’s were replaced by mp3’s, it is up to the industry if they take advantage of new emerging technologies or fight the digitalisation that challenged many industries at the point of transition. 

Danit Paleg, being one of the pioneers in printing fashion, has opened up new possibilities to the industry. She believes that the textile industry will face such a transition towards a digitalisation and that consumers will be able to download their clothing directly from home in the future.

Is it already time to forget about shopping in the traditional way we are used to? Perhaps not yet, but for sure there are interesting possibilities and changes coming ahead that will have an influence on both creative processes as well as on the consumer experience.





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