Summer Skin Care Routine

by Marina Vorona • 21 May 2019

 Summer is here! But so is that warm, gluey weather. Heat and humidity, extended sweating and extended display to chlorine and harmful UV rays are all par for the course. Don't let summer get the best of your skin. Switch up your routine to help fight the new hurdles risking your skin.

Use SPF Daily (if you aren't already)
Protection from overexposure to the sun is dangerous for proper skin health. Sunburn develops skin aging, irritation, dehydration, hyperpigmentation, and skin cancer risk.


Washing your face right when you received heat can be harmful to our skin. First, wash your face with cold water to cool off the temperature, and then cleanse your face

Use a Mattifying Treatment

Keep an oil control product on hand at all times. These mattifyers will blot breakthrough oil and keep shine to a point even in the hottest climates.

Exfoliate from head to toe

Dead skin cells can grow up on the surface of your skin, causing your skin to look dull—which during the summer months is not perfect, as you're likely interested in showing off your skin in your warm-weather closet.

Store products in the fridge

It's time to chill out! We're talking about placing a few essential skin care products in your refrigerator this summer to help provide a refreshing treat for your skin.

Switch to a Summer Serum

With all the hotness and humidity, who needs to layer on all those creams? Serums offer a lightweight power-packed option to give your skin a boost.

Don't forget Your Lips.

The lips are so often neglected when it comes to sun protection; this is a notable failure. This area of the face is likely to sunburn and highly reflective glosses, and lip covers can make the sun damage even worse. Use a clear gloss with SPF that goes over your favorite lip color, a clear SPF balm or a tinted lip color SPF to protect your lips.





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