Spring (Vernal) Equinox is here, and this is what you should know about it

by VaiVai Editor • 19 Mar 2020

March 20, in case you were questioning what all that chanting from your astrology fans friends was, is the vernal or spring Equinox: the first day of spring, in which the Sun reaches its highest point precisely halfway between sunrise and sunset and, in some parts of the world, bisects day and night precisely into 12 hours. 

The event always happens in March, usually on the 20th, but can happen on the 19th or 21st because our rotation around the Earth isn't exactly 365 days. If the time of the Equinox happens early enough in Greenwich Mean Time, the Equinox can occur at night on the 19th in America but evening on the 20th over in East Asia because of the magic of time zones. Depending on the Hemisphere you're in, the Equinox marks the entrance into either Spring or Autumn.

Even if you don't consider yourself a deeply spiritual person, the deeper meanings behind the Equinox throughout history are still important, not to mention really interesting.

The Equinox is a great time to tap into the wisdom of the Earth, the light of the Sun, and your profound connection with Source and entire Cosmos.

This is a great and sacred time for you to identify the intentions you genuinely desire to manifest in your physical life on Earth, and on your spiritual ascension path.

Let go of self-imposed limitations, doubts, and fears, and allow yourself to imagine being genuinely connected to your real power, light, and ability to create blessings, joy, and love in your life.





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