Spotlight on Seoul Fashion Week S/S16

by Micaela Bodard • 03 Nov 2015

Seoul, South Korea. The city that never sleeps and where fashion is an important part of lifestyle. The Seoul Fashion week occurs twice a year. And just like last year, it was held at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP). Located in the center of Dongdaemun, the recent landmark which has design shops, art galleries and an eco-friendly park is also known for its unique structure.

The fashion in Seoul is nothing like the West’s. South Koreans exploit fashion items and materials in a different way. Monochromatic looks rule over all the other styles. Meanwhile minimalistic outfits are mainstream yet attractive. Basics have always been efficient in my opinion.

Touches of colors are welcomed. It is not uncommon to find pastel coats during the winter which adds a lovely and bright touch to an outfit, and it basically just lights up the overall atmosphere.

Streetwear is also quite popular. Hooded sweaters, leather pants or ripped jeans and sneakers; topped off with a snapback or the iconic bob hat which has well made its return. Often associated with the hip hop culture, it can actually be a blend of styles.

Although you do not need to attend Seoul’s fashion week to have a glimpse of Koreans’ fashion sense, what you’ll see on the catwalk is far more unconventional: unusual materials, asymmetric cuts, layering.

The event is far more accessible and models are easier to approach outside the catwalks, making fashion bloggers and street photographers’ happiness.

Here’s a personal list of top bloggers and photographers whom you should have a look at:

Among the models who you should keep an eye on, Irene Kim  with her trademark rainbow hair started to garner interest in the fashion world overseas. Successful local models like Seongkyung Kim , Seon Hwang , Wooseok Byeon  or Kiyoung Jang  are part of a long list of talented models which would be too long to write.

You’ll be able to keep up on the Korean modeling industry’s faces by visiting Jacqueline Hwang’s blog: Korean Models , popular for posting shots of Korean professional and rookie models.

Irene Kim shot by JDIN Korea

Finally, the highlight of the show was on the catwalk. While J KOO and SOULPOT STUDIO kept it subtly dark and neat, Metrocity played with lighter materials and flounced shirts. Cres. E Dim. emphasized on pastel colors and Rocket x Lunch associated colored items with denim. The event lasted 6 days (October 15 to 21) and the most memorable pieces must have been KYE’s hot layered, sequined mess and Kwak Hyun Joo’s unique aquatic printed shirts.

Simplicity, colors, layers. This is what you should remember of this season’s fashion week. The show is not only inside the complex but outside as well. Seoul’s fashion week is the best time to show your individuality and creativity through clothing, though wandering in the streets of Seoul might as well be just as rewarding and inspiring.

BEOM, Cres. E Dim., Kwak Hyun Joo, Rocket x Lunch, J KOO

Seoul Fashion Weekby Micaela Bodard 



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