Smart beauty devices are getting smarter.

by VaiVai Editor • 14 Feb 2020

Most used beauty tools and gadgets in 2020

CB Insights’ Industry Analyst Consensus shows the global beauty devices market represents a $74B+ opportunity, driven by the increasing prevalence and treatment of skin disorders, greater awareness of the effects of hormonal imbalance on the skin, and the explosion of skincare within the broader beauty sector.

But it’s not just standalone apps and devices — brands are building connected beauty systems to personalize skin care treatments, gather behavioral data on shoppers, and encourage loyalty within brand-powered skincare ecosystems.

For example, Shiseido’s Optune, an IoT-powered skincare system launched earlier this year, integrates a mobile app that leverages AI to detect users’ skin conditions and then dispenses a personalized formula each day. Optune is capable of delivering 80,000 possible combinations.

Swedish beauty and personal care device brand Foreo was reportedly contemplating a $1B sale earlier this year, according to Bloomberg. The company launched its first AI-enabled device, the Luna Fofo, in 2018. The device integrates machine learning and sensors to monitor skin hydration levels and leverages the data to customize users’ cleansing routines over time.

Also from Foreo, a sheet mask upgrade!

The UFO's name doesn't just refer to its appearance -- it also speaks to what it can do, which seem like something out of science-fiction at first glance. Made to be used in tandem with Foreo's single-use facial masks, this app-enabled device heats cool and pulses in order to boost the skin's absorbency, which, in turn, makes the serums and ingredients in the mask penetrate more deeply. One reviewer called the UFO the "face mask lover's dream gadget."

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