Shiatzy Chen: Presenting The New 2019 AW Collection

by Martin Rybak • 21 Mar 2019

by Martin Rybak

The luxury high-fashion brand Shiatzy Chen, that is known for fusing traditional craftsmanship, and ultra modern looks revealed its 2019 Autumn/Winter Women's collection « Guardian » during the Paris Fashion Week 2019.

The Brand that originates from China merges traditional fashion know-how and the rich heritage of the Chinese culture with a highly modern twist. The focus on traditional craftsmanship but also a strong attachement to cultural values and traditions differentiates Shiatzy Chen from other luxury brands during fashion week. How deep the brand is connected to its Asian roots is proved by where Shiatzy Chen took its inspiration from. Straps that were part of several looks in the new collection are a homage to the baby carrier, a cloth used by mothers of the Miao tribe to carry their children on their backs. Other pieces were also inspired by the Miao tribe, such as the different boots, connecting tradition with the latest sporty trend. The garments were designed in a way to be fashionable and at the same time the idea of feeling free and moving freely was of importance for the designer.

"The Mythology turns into doctrine and self-expressive style is transformed into fashion attitude. On occasion of the 41st anniversary of the brand, Design director Shiatzy Chen aims to perpetuate the legacy of the brand based on the concept of deep affection and create an exclusive contemporary brand philosophy through a fusion of Miao mythology and totemism with the glamour and complexity SHIATZY CHEN is renowned for."

The autumn-winter collection “Guardian” that was dominated by black and red colours is a strong statement to Chinese mythology and self-expression which results in a collection that combines tradition and ultra glamorous looks.
The extremely confident collection includes hand-drawn creatures from Chinese mythology incorporated onto the garments via different techniques such as embroidery, printing and jacquard weaving. Exclusive fabrics and materials were used to underline the aim of the brand to compete with the traditional European luxury brands such as satin and Swarovski crystals. Using glittery looks and layering makes the collection so recognisable and results in a confident collection that is not afraid to play with the contrast of old and new. The strong colour choice used underlines once more the idea of confidence: glamorous and mysterious colour tones are creating looks referencing the Miao mythology and at the same time resulting in contemporary clothing that can compete with other luxury brands.





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24 03 2019


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