Romanian women among the most beautiful in the world, tourism guide says

by Nyaeb • 05 Nov 2018

Romania was named by a leading medical tourism expert and global healthcare consultant Dr Prem Jagyasi among the list of 19 countries where visitors can see the world’s most beautiful women, reads

A woman from Northern Romania captured in the "Atlas of Beauty"

His travel and tourism guide website put Ukraine on top of the list, followed by Sweden, Thailand, Bulgaria, Russia, Netherlands, Lebanon, Poland, India, Brazil, Italy, Canada, Serbia, South Korea, Croatia, Columbia, Argentina, Ethiopia and Romania.

Romanian women have been described as elegant, educated, active, caring, empathic, feminine, developing positive attitudes and promoting traditional values. According to the guide website, the Romanian women have all that a man is searching when choosing a wife. They are also known for their native intelligence and for giving priority to culture and personal development during their life, dr. Prem also writes.

For Ukraine, he wrote it is well known for women beauty, striking, stunning and ever smiling fairy angels make this place heaven for men, one of the best in business. The best places in the country to catch the true beauty of its women include the capital city, Kiev, Odessa and the Black Sea Coast.

For Sweden , it is considered to be the country with the best looking men and women in the entire world. ‘Tall and slender, blonde and blue-eyed, smart and friendly, and highly educated. That’s what would describe a Swedish woman. Probably the best place to get a girl with both the beauty and the brains!’.

For Thailand , he said in his travel and tourism guidebook that it might be known for its nature, culture and hospitality, but it is also known for its beautiful women who are shy, but extremely friendly and romantic once they come to know you though. ‘A tad bit dark-skinned, these beauties sport soft features and exude a jaw-dropping raw exoticism that needs to be seen to be believed!’ reads the description.

However, dr. Prem mentioned that “We agree that every woman is beautiful regardless of the country she lives in”.

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