Millenial Life: intergenerational harmony?

by Vera • 12 Aug 2019

It’s hard to judge one person’s attention, let alone an entire generation’s. Millennials—now the biggest generational group in the U.S.—have grown with the progress in technology and media platforms, placing them in the new territory about media practices. When it comes to television, their eyes are stuck to the screen, but rarely TV, more Television on-demand and games. With commercials, they’re still tuned in—but their eyes are on their cell phones.

Millennials have brought more diversity to society in general. And Millennial women, like Generation X women, are more likely to engage in the nation’s workforce than previous generations.

According to, today’s young adults are better educated than their grandparents, as the share of young adults with a bachelor’s degree or higher has steadily climbed since 1968.

However, Baby Boomers had gained somewhat more wealth than millennials at their age. This is mainly due to increased debt for the next generation; more Millennials have continuing student debt. As the price of a college education has grown, so has the amount of debt millennial students owe. 

While education can lead to debt, it has a larger impact on income for millennials. The income gap between those without a college education and those with one has dramatically increased, especially for Millennials able to obtain a Master’s degree. Household income has an even more significant disparity, with those bachelor’s degrees or higher having household incomes of over $50,000 more than their high-school-graduate counterparts.

The battle between the generations is a war that has been made regardless of time or technological gadgets. The differences can strike a chord between members of various ages, but by knowing the circumstances of distinct upbringings and cultural trends, there can be intergenerational harmony. 

                 Drawing by Olga BELO-MARQUES






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