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by Claire Chevallier • 15 Dec 2018

Just like many people, I am huge fan of cosmetics. The problem is, I was fed up (and actually a little scared) of all this cosmetics polemic. How frustrating it is to realize that your favorite products are full of harmful chemicals and/or have been tested on animals!

This is why I began to look for natural cosmetics that would meet my expectations: I wanted them to be pleasant to use, efficient and to find products that would not have any chemicals or non-vegan ingredients and that would not be tested on animals.

A few months ago, I decided to travel to Thailand and here it was... In a small city close to Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand, I found a very small shop managed by a cute young Thai woman. With her background in chemistry, she created a wide range of cosmetics products because she was herself allergic to chemicals. I was mesmerized by the beauty and the simplicity of these products.

Only made of natural ingredients, no chemicals at all, vegan, non-tested on animals and handmade by a local producer? That sounded absolutely perfect!

I bought all the products to try them and I was so conquered that I decided to create my website to sell these great cosmetics that match perfectly the needs of eco/health-conscious people. My personal favorites are the "Rose Trio" that you can also buy separately. It is composed of a Rose Toner with two rose quartz stones inside, the Rose Gold eye serum with dried rose petals and gold leaves and the anti-age rose face oil .

I also sell all sorts of "handmade and heartmade treasures" that I find here in Thailand, such as handmade jewelry, clothes, bags, notebooks, art... These objects are meaningful and unique, this is why I am happy to tell their stories and the stories of the people who make them.

I invite you to have a look at my website: and to enjoy 20% off your order with the code "GOODVIBES"!

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