Li-Ning A/W 2020: Ultra Cool Sportswear Meets Streetstyle

by Martin Rybak • 30 Jan 2020

Li-Ning presented its AW20 collection for the 30th anniversary show at the iconic Centre Pompidou during the men's Paris Fashion Week.

The collection, which was partly designed with Jackie Chan, who was also present during the show, mixed current trends and elements of 90's retro which resulted in a strong collection that can be both worn for sport or as part of a streetstyle look.

The show started with the presentation of the Jackie Chan co-designed capsule collection and continued with the main part of the show: the collection of athletic-leisure wear combined with eye-catching elements such as neon colors, oversized bags and retro-sunglasses.

The location of the show was perfectly chosen: the models walked trough a 3-D urban landscape illuminated by LED screens and neon lights, resulting in a fast-paced show that was one of the highlights of the men's Paris Fashion Week.

The special guests during the show were Jackie Chan, Mr. Li Ning, Dwyane Wade , Gabrielle Union, Stefano Pilati, MJ Harper and Honey Dijon. 



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