Is Long Hair Back ?

by Andreea Oncioiu • 18 Jan 2016

Long hair has been the trademark of many of my favourite musicians and actress like Diana Ross, Lana del Rey , Penelope Cruz , Blake Lively, Liv Tyler , to name a few.

I’m noticing that many of the starlets who have bobbed in recent years – Jennifer Lawrence, Carrie Mulligan, Michelle Williams, and Emma Watson – are now coming back to the long territory.

The liberal use of extensions on the AW15 runways, from the long waves at Valentino to down-to-there ponytails at Dior, confirms that length is the trend-back.

So can anyone go long?

For those who feel forever stuck in the growing out phase, Michelle Blaisure, director of education for Bosley Professional Strength says, “that some people can’t get hair past their shoulder” is genetically programmed.

Long hair can only come from healthy scalp. When the PH balance is disrupted, whether by too frequent use of harsh products or hormonal changes, it can affect the function of the follicles or oil glands.

Dryness on the scalp can be a major impediment to hair growth.

We recommend paying the same attention to your scalp as you do to your skin.

A good way to keep the scalp productive is to get hands on – it helps distribute your own natural oils, which will protect long hair.

And if you want a long rich glossy hair still, my grandma’s tip it definitely helps:

a combination of garlic and petroleum used on a small amount on the scalp only during the night (the smell is quite strong, it is better if your head is covered), for three months, once per week.





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