International Center of Photography Museum .Giving a voice to the unheard

by Chelsea Rose • 18 Jun 2018

When one of the largest photography museums in the United States - International Center of Photography Museum decides to select unknown young artists - it gives a beautiful lesson of daring, courage and humility.

The #ICPprojected project launched this year is to project on the facade of the New York Museum, a series of photographs to highlight the work of the new voices of the world of photography and visual culture to contribute to the collective visual memory of our century.

                                 Credit: Jade CERVETTI

Jade CERVETTI, young French-Italian woman, explorer of the world of the Human in its simplicity and its diversity was selected by its social engagement towards invisible minorities. Mirror image of the Statue of Liberty, in its free expression of being who one wants to be and the way one wants to be, this photograph representing a human being under an uncoded gender, both in his-her physical expression and by his-her draped symbolizes open-mindedness in a world weakened in its cultural overtures by dominant cultures.

This photograph of #Jade CERVETTI will be screened during the day, and in the evening on the giant windows of the Museum to be appreciated from the outside every night from July 24 to 30, 2018 as an echo to all visitors to this megalopolis.

The goal of this initiative, initiated by photographer and writer #Wesley Verhoeve, is to focus on young talents who explore the social and codified change of our society as a mode of mediation to lend a voice to all of the unheard as in the series "Queer" to which Jade Cervetti gives an artistic and cultural expression.

#ICPprojected is a successful exhibition because not only the invisibility ones that catalyze social changes are represented but also because a famous museum showcases young women talents in the international world of photography.

#ICPprojected #Jadecervetti

Exhibition « ICP Projected », International Center of Photography, 250 Bowery, New-York. USA. Jade Cervetti from 24th to 30rd July 2018.

Credit : Jade CERVETTI





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