How To Freshen Up After A Night Out

by VAIVAIMAGAZINE • 12 May 2017

Hangovers can be annoying, uncomfortable and just a plain nuisance. Fortunately, there are ways to help avoid and lessen the symptoms of those post-party pains with a little planning. Choosing the right foods and drinks before, during and after your drunken escapades is key — because, let’s face it, when you swear that you’ll never drink again, not even your mother believes you.


Choosing lighter booze over darker booze may make a big difference in how you feel the morning after as well. Vodka, white wine or gin is a better choice over red wine, bourbon or whiskey. Darker booze causes a greater hangover because it contains more congeners — chemicals that increase inflammation in the body. So choosing lighter liquors, rather than darker ones, can help you avoid a hangover.


Things you do when you come home from a night out are just as important as being careful about what you drink.

A major side effect of alcohol, as we all know, is dehydration. When you are dehydrated, your brain cells have literally shrunken in size. This is why you sometimes experience headaches, dizziness and nausea. So make sure to have a few glasses of water before bed.

Though it may be tempting to just roll under the covers as soon as you get home, not washing your hands and face can actually intensify your hangover. Drinking alcohol causes your body to be more susceptible to germs at the bar. Alcohol suppresses the T-cells your body needs to defend itself, which will intensify your hangover. So it really is important to wash up when you get home to get rid of those germs as best you can.

Turning off your alarm before bed is probably a good idea, for once.

Still have a headache? Choose ibuprofen over aspirin or acetaminophen. Ibuprofen suppresses a hangover-intensifying messenger called prostaglandin. Acetaminophen and aspirin, however, can irritate your stomach because they both need to be metabolized by your liver, which is already busy working on the alcohol. You can also wrap some ice in a cold towel for your head.





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