How to apply makeup if you want to look fabulous at your office

by VAIVAIMAGAZINE • 03 Apr 2016

One of the biggest challenges of young girls is the choice of a makeup suitable for the business environment; you have to look as neat and compact. Even if you give up the glitter eyeliner, does not mean you leave the house without makeup. When it comes to your job, remember that you always less are more, and a neat look will make you much more confidence in you. The trick is to put makeup office natural beauty.

Makeup base

Makeup primer represents over 50% of its success. Therefore make sure you choose the right shade and texture, preferably oil-free products with long endurance and mineral content to hide facial imperfections. Since you stay at work over 8 hours, it is best to avoid foundation with very high covering power.

You should always have in your bag wipes that absorb sebum. These are indicated in the second part of the day, when the skin is already beginning to shine and best apply on the T area.

If you need to restore your basic makeup instead to starting over with foundation, you can opt for a concealer cream under the eye area. This trick will light up your eyes immediately. Try and spray your face with thermal water that will not only freshen your makeup, but also you.

Cheeks in natural colors

Opt for a more natural looking blush color shades range from pink-peach and apply it only in the cheek. To determine this area, raise your cheeks and follows the line inside the bone.

Subtly shape your eyes

Business environment is the last place you want to flaunt your bright shades of eye shadow, mascara or false eyelashes dyed. Choose neutral tones of gray and brown and a fine ink line for a more natural effect.

Hydrated Lips

Matte lipsticks are not a good idea at the office for dry lips, so instead opt for the creamy and always remember to reapply after eating. Even if the rest of your makeup comes not so much in evidence, hydrated lips will always make the difference.






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