How Social Media has Changed the Fashion Industry

by Vera • 01 Sep 2019

Fashion bloggers are quickly becoming a significant force in the fashion industry as a result of new media growth. However, there have been petite research of the impact it has on consumers and their acceptance of fashion inclinations. The tenacity of this topic was to appreciate how fashion bloggers impact on the opinions and attitudes of their readers.

Digital media and social media have shaped how people consume content drastically, particularly in the media industry over the past few years.

Fashion magazines, which were the chief source of fashion information, lay idle on shelves while people consume fashion content online.

Due to the level of interactivity, people can also offer their feedback via social media and comments. Diverse kinds of fashion blogs that are managed by regular people with no background in fashion or media, are providing consumers with an inside look at what for many years was elite, fashion-expert-only field. Fashion blogs are also used for public contrast purposes when handling an individual's self-concept.

Examples of mass communication include advertising, which provides for communication that attempts to influence purchasing behavior, journalism that makes up news and public relation, which attempt to affect public opinion on an organization or product. Mass communication can be broadly described as traditional media.

New Media can be defined as blogs, social media, search engine optimization, or search engine marketing. New media facilitates conversation between business and consumer, is inexpensive, interactive, and can produce measurable progress.

Due to its interactivity, New Media can be compared to interpersonal communication and has straightforward and fast feedback. Blogs have quickly gained prominence as a tool for communication.

Blogs are usually an assortment of news, articles, ideas, opinions, inspiration, or facts, which are posted on the Internet. Blogs are typically organized by category, are often updated and are structured. Blogs have been able to highlight information that was usually considered exclusive to some people like fashion to the public.

For many years the fashion industry was an exclusive club only opens to the insiders, making it tough for consumers to appreciate what happened in the industry. Traditional media, on their part, only succeeded in reinforcing this exclusivity. Fashion blogs have lately made this private industry more relatable and reachable to ordinary consumers fashion bloggers.

Fashion bloggers are helping an interactive environment that has succeeded in making the communication between the public and the fashion industry possible, and their influence is now shaping trends and enlightening the public on hottest fashion news.

With 33.9 million new blogs being created every month and over 60,328,496 blogs on sites like, the following blogging stars have indeed emerged from the masses and have risen to the top of the blogosphere for a great many reasons. One thing they all have in common, though; none of these bloggers would have attained this level of influence and wealth if they 'didn't have drive, passion, and expertise in their respective niches.

Danielle Bernstein, the personal-style blogger behind We Wore What, recently told Harper's Bazaar that she can make as much as $15,000 from a single Instagram post.

Estimated at USD$1,000,000 per post, Kylie Jenner is the highest-earning user on the social media platform, according to Hopper HQ's Instagram Rich List 2018.

Maybe 'it's finally time for us to step up the Instagram game and try to monetize it before the next big thing comes along.






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