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by Vera LOVICI • 04 Jan 2017

As much as your friends with straight hair will try to understand, curly hair is just something that can’t be fully understood unless you have it. Some days you look like you could be in a shampoo ad, while other days it looks like you’ve awoken some kind of beast that’s now sitting on top of your head. 
Personally I enjoy getting a monthly blow-dry, or sometimes that much that I even forget I have curly hair, not because I don’t love my curly hair, but it is easier to have it, rather than wasting my morning time to style my curls.

I do travel a great deal, for that reason I have been to many hair salons; most of them have been disappointing.

In London, where I have been relocated recently, I have discovered these two guys, and my curls are the happiest, not just because they are getting the hottest waves, and treatments, also that I have been convinced to keep my curls natural more.

I have asked them a few questions and maybe next time you are in London and you are a hair stylist picky as I am, give them a try, if you are not happy, I take full responsibility (seriously)! 

VAIVAI Magazine What does A&P stands for?

A & P stands for Abel, my business partner who meanwhile has decided to move back in his natal country, Spain and myself, Pasquale.

VAIVAI Magazine:  Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a 27 years old hairdresser who decided to come in London almost 4 years ago with a dream to learn English and improve my job skills. I loved the idea turning around the world with my scissors and comb.

Then I meet Abel, a Spanish energetic guy with whom I have worked before in my first London experience and with whom I lived for almost two years. Between us, from the first moment, has always been great cooperation feeling.

After almost one year I moved with my work in Knightsbridge, where came up the chance to rent a studio, the first floor building as our own hair studio.

We didn’t take too long to decide that was a great opportunity for both of us. There was born “A&P hair studio”.

VAIVAI Magazine:  Did you always want to be a hairstylist?

Believe it or not, I have studied at “accountancy school”, where I also got my degree, but I’ve always had the feeling that was not the path meant for me. When I was 17, I started working part time jobs, of course I didn’t quit the accounting school because I only had two more years for the certificate and … so two years I was an accountant/ hairdresser.

VAIVAI Magazine:  What was your first hairstylist job?

The Italian hair world is a very hard competition. No fast track! The majority of the beginners, myself included, start the hairdressing experience behind a backwash, massaging scalps and learning the products composition. After a while, the feeling of boredom started appearing, but I never gave up and I was dedicated to my job. Looking back, I can t thank enough to my mentor for all the things that he thought me. I remember with a smile on my face my first blow-dry experience, it felt for me like being promoted.

VAIVAI Magazine:  Are there any celebrities you would like to work with?

Of course I would love to work with celebrities, because then you can let your imagination fly, and your work becomes art, but unfortunately, I didn’t t had the opportunity yet. I hope in the near future my dream will come true.

VAIVAI Magazine:  Which hairstyles are the most popular?

We suggest a soft wave blow-dry, this is also the most popular request. We usually get the wave shape by using only brushes, no straightener, no iron needed!

VAIVAI Magazine:  What would you classify or define as A&P hair?

“A&P hair studio” is a creative team born from the desire to take care of people on all stages, from the costumer service, consultation, to the final result, the smile on every client s face.

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