Hair oil: yes or no? Three good reasons to use it!

by VAIVAIMAGAZINE • 10 Jan 2017

Maybe you have not heard in a while the joke "winter is coming". Just for us, hair stylists and for you, it's not a joke. Static, lack of volume, split ends, lacklustre it sounds as if the "winter is coming", right?

To get rid of the famous "bad hair days" need constant care, programming beyond a hair salon appointment. Choose the most suitable products for your hair type, do not be afraid to ask even the most mundane details and try, if possible, to tune nutrition goals of care (hair silky and shiny).

Hair oil, in the advanced formula, is the safe weapon against electrification, feeding and styling effect. Usually used in the salon, the oil can be easily integrated into home beauty routine because:

Accentuates the glow wire and defines the hair styling based on volume. When your hair is dry, apply oil to three-quarters of your hair and try to avoid peaks and roots. Dry as usual. The hair will gain shine and elasticity, and no, it will seem greasy.

Tame and defines curls rebel. Apply it, as usual, after bathing. It will create a protective film on the hair, and it will keep hydrated (the big issue of this texture is that it is arid.).
Defeat static and days with "bad hair". Use it as a serum, warming one-two drops in the palm and piercing their rebellious hair.

Long-term use can stimulate the growth of hair oil, moisturise the scalp, prevent dandruff and premature greying. The key to applying hair oil is the amount we use (if too much oil will clog your pores). So, ladies, you cannot know whether it suits you or not, so do not try.

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