Get Your Skin Together in 10 Steps

by Amelia Diamond • 21 Nov 2016

The woman who cured Cara Delevingne’s skin was called “pizza face” as a teenager due to her terrible acne.

Dayle Breault’s life is still consumed by skin. The difference now is that she’s solved her own skin issues and is dedicated to helping others. An esthetician for 25 years, she’s worked on such famous, glowing faces as Naomi Campbell, Mariah Carey, Marisa Tomei, Zoë Kravitz, Lenny Kravitz, and the aforementioned fleek-browed model.

1) Start with a morning ritual that helps alkalize the body.

To counter-balance acidity, drink a warm glass of lemon water and a Probiotic capsule each morning on an empty stomach. If you want to take it deeper, add a shot glass of apple cider vinegar. This helps the body to alkaline itself.

Want to go even deeper? Add a fresh vegetable juice, preferably on the green side, with kale, parsley, spinach, wheatgrass, romaine and celery. (To make it a little more palatable, I like to add beet, apple and carrot.)

2) Drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Add a little lemon and you will keep your metabolism charged up, burn more fat, as well as continue creating a alkaline environment.

3) Scrub your skin.

This is one of the most important steps in a skin care ritual that I am forever amazed so many leave out. A manual exfoliation with a granular scrub (no nut kernels please, they scratch the skin, which leads to possible infection) is crucial to release the dead cells from the surface and allow the incredible nutrients in our skincare products to actually penetrate.

4) Wash your face after a workout.

It is crucial to remove the sweat from your face within 15 minutes after working out. Don’t wait to get home to shower! That only allows the sweat, or oil, to solidify in your pores.

5) Ok, we have a date! Finally! And…a pimple. 

Run — do not walk — to the freezer and grab an ice cube. Bacteria hates cold. Place the ice cube (do not push) lightly over the area. Do so until it hurts, then remove, and let the area warm, and do it again. Repeat 4-5 times. This will reduce the swelling, kill the bacteria, and save you from being a cyclops on your first date. No one believes me until they have their first success, then they always thank me for that tip.

6) Keep your diet clean.

Stay away from processed food and keep your diet rich in antioxidant fruits and veggies. Eat salads with lots of nuts for Omegas which hydrate the skin, as well as clean protein like organic chicken and salmon. If you’re vegan, eat lentils, chickpeas, and almonds.

7) If your skin is dry, you are lacking water, not oil.

Try a mist first — either lavender or rose  — and then add your sunscreen or lotion on top.

8) Sugar is a drug.

I’m a sugar addict, so I know this first hand. As people age, proteins in the body can become damaged through the introduction of AGEs (advanced glycation end product) — one of the key factors in aging of the skin.

9) Sleep!

There is nothing like a good eight hours of sleep. It’s what gives you “The Glow.” Aim for 6-8 hours of sleep every night, and remember that naps are always a good thing.

10) Finally, keep your stress to a minimum.

Meditate! Try it for a week and see if you see a difference in your appearance.

Photo of Cara Delevingne for Dolce and Gabbana S ’13.

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