G’AnMa Concierge The Luxury Lifestyle Made In Bucharest

by adrien • 05 Sep 2018

G’AnMa Concierge, the gate to Romanian luxury travel & services.
Brainstormed at the International University of Monaco and founded in the heart of Bucharest, Romania, G’AnMa Concierge is an exclusive services agency that presents a portfolio of the Romanian luxury industry, by offering the highest quality services and locations for private events and international tourists.

Opening up Romania
“Never settle for less than extraordinary in your jet-setting lifestyle! From international private jet charters and helicopter commutes to elite security, private casino tournaments in a 19th-century mansion, or renting Dracula’s very own castle for your private visit/event, enjoy the most exquisite traditional and international cuisine experiences and let us guide you through a maze of the hottest Eastern European nightlife spots. We have innumerable exciting activities waiting to fulfill your every wish.”

Romania has managed to revive its “Belle Epoque” heritage and bring in into the 21st century by greatly developing its cuisine and entertainment industries and becoming a party hotspot on the international scene, reaching high international standards and attracting a flurry of clientele from all over the world.

“Along with the striking visual marketing we create to complement our services, we offer the same luxurious experience, but with a local twist, that you would find in similar hotspots around the world like the French Riviera, Mykonos, Ibiza or Dubai “- Founder

Our mission is to create awareness about the local luxury industry by opening a gate into the hottest new thing: an undiscovered country!
Opening up the world
For our discerning customers, G’AnMa Concierge also offers exclusive access to the most renowned international social, cultural, fashion and sporting events like:




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19 10 2018


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