From reiki to rowing: 6 wellness trends set to be huge in 2019

by Nyaeb • 07 Jan 2019

From spirit-infused skincare to the eco-keto, here's what's going to be hot in the world of self-The wellness industry is today worth an incredible $4.2 trillion (£3.2 billion), according to the Global Wellness Economy Monitor. Whether you're into it or find it a total bore, it's a figure hard to ignore and companies, like Gwyneth Paltrow's controversial lifestyle brand goop, are making a fortune out of it.

We are living longer and, some of us, are drinking less booze, according to a recent study that found almost a third of under 25s don't drink alcohol. For many, self-care has become less of a treat and more of a way of life. 

With a load of new openings in the capital this year, including infrared sauna salon Glow Bar and a pop-up from the lifestyle queen herself in Notting Hill, not to mention the countless new fitness classes, London is rapidly catching up with other wellness hotspots around the world.

But you haven't seen anything yet. Next year, these are the wellness trends you won't be able to escape, according to research conducted by online women's magazine Healthista, Pullman London St Pancras and trend forecasting giant WGSN...

1. The rise of the 'vegan keto'

The vegan keto is an eco-friendly version of the popular diet
The keto – the high-fat, low-carb eating regime that swaps out carbs and grains for dairy, meat and veggies – was huge this year, but with the growing awareness that we should all eat a bit less meat to help the environment, it has drawn criticism for its lack of sustainability.

Rick Hay, nutritional director at Healthista, predicts that next year it will be all about eco-keto eating, which he describes as "an eco-conscious way of eating that's kind to the planet." And there are already a number of experts out their proposing alternative versions of the keto, like Dr Will Cole who recently published his book The Ketotarian diet, which "welcomes vegetarian, vegan and pescatarians to the table."

This diet involves eating lots of nutrient dense plant-based proteins that are low in carbs, but Hay points out that it requires meticulous planning and vitamin B12 intake. Recipes like coconut porridge, cacao/avocado and lucuma smoothie and cauliflower falafel with spicy nut butter hummus would lend themselves well to eco-keto eating, he added.

2. Reiki and spirit-infused skincare

(Photo by carole smile on Unsplash)
Searches for crystal healing are up 40 per cent in the last four years, according to Healthista editor Anna Magee, and another thing we're predicted to see a lot more of in 2019 is spiritual skincare.

What is that exactly? Sushma Sagar, reiki master and Shamanic energy medicine practitioner of The Calmery, says it's about inner beauty by way of "raising vibrations from the inside to look beautiful on the outside."

Sagar says her aim is to "bring an intelligent approach to what people call 'voodoo' and promote energy healing as an everyday wellness tool."

As well as spiritual treatments, like reiki, this also includes things like gemstone-infused or spirit-infused skincare products and brands like Aveda and Elemis are getting on board with it.

Sagar says these products and treatments can help to "clear heavy energy and blocks in flow to restore balance for physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, leaving you feeling calm, rejuvenated and connected."

3. Take a hike

(Photo by Red Hat Factory on Unsplash)
WGSN boldly declared back in 2017 that hiking was to replace yoga by 2019 and, according to managing director Carla Buzasi, this kind of "inclusive" fitness activity is still firmly on the agenda next year.

With the growing popularity of outdoorsy pursuits and the added bonus that hiker boots have just been given the nod from the fashion crew, we predict you'll be heading to the hills this winter for some good old fashioned - and free - fun.

4. And rowing is (finally) set to be the 'new spin'

(Photo by Victor Freitas on Unsplash)
We already know that rowing is one of the best bangs for your buck workouts that you can do because it works 85 per cent of the body's muscles across nine major muscle groups. But, while it has been tipped to takeover spin in popularity for some time now, it hasn't quite happened yet.

That's all about to change, according to Chris Heron, founder of The Engine Room, London's first studio exclusively dedicated to rowing which is about to open its doors.

He says his studio is the real deal, with professional rowing trainers who will focus heavily on technique, because let's face it, it looks hard. They'll also hook you up to all sorts of tech to monitor your heart rate and body composition.

"We're all about heart and lungs," he said.

5. Beyond the band

Many have turned to tech to track their daily activity through smartwatches and fitness bands, though they're often not the sightliest of things.

Next year wearable tech is predicted to step up a notch, and there are now a number of more aesthetically pleasing and subtle versions on the market.

Prince Harry himself was just spotted sporting a 'fitness ring' by Oura during the Australian royal tour. Meanwhile, Urska Srsen, founder of Bellabeat, has created a sleek range of leaf-shaped pendants made with natural crystal stone which come in either a rose quartz or onyx version, which can be worn as necklaces or bracelets (as above). Aware of the fact that many women have started using apps to track their menstrual cycles, the "chakra" leaves use technology to track this, as well as stress levels, steps taken, calories burned, and sleep. We're sold.

6. Brain-boosting nootropics

(Photo by Jessica To on Unsplash)
Paltrow and Glow Bar founder Sasha Sabapathy are examples of champions of the healing powers of adaptogens (herbal supplements based on Ayurvedic medicine), that some claim can do anything from helping you to deal with stress, to easing anxiety and boosting libido.

And in 2019 you're expected to be hearing more about natural nootropics, too. They're supplements that are aimed at boosting cognitive functions, like concentration, memory and focus. Some products also claim to help fight fatigue, anxiety, even depression. Eudaemon has a range of such products out, as does Form.







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27 03 2019


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