From Entrepreneur in Finance to The Best Chicken Burger in Town.

by Adrien Martinez • 08 Jun 2017

VAIVAI MAGAZINE went hunting down one of the best burgers from South of France; COOK HOT STREAM has delivered all its secrets for us only. 

What was your concept behind your business? 
From the very start, the idea was to create a rotisserie in the area of Cagnes-sur-Mer, with the best quality French chicken.

Fan from the USA and vintages style, the truck was the perfect fit for this project, to link to American Street food with the French rotisserie. While the 49 years old Airstream truck from the state of Virginia in the US was on its way to the south France, we were creating our Burger recipes based on the chicken fillet, grilled breast, and a vegetarian recipe. 
We tried to create an original recipe, different from the basic burger, with seasonal products and a maximum of the home-made product. Every morning we receive our fresh burger bread made at the bakery, and the day start, it is so rewarding to work with the new product. 

Any future project? 
After testing our products for five months, we had a substantial number of peoples that came back, and this motivated us to achieve more. We had many requests regarding a burger with beef, so this will be the next step for us with three different recipes. Also, developing the website and make it easier for the users is one of our goals, and later on develop a home-delivery system. 

Cook'Hot Stream is involved for its environmental footprint and thus uses packaging that respects environment and enhances the local farming economy. 

VAIVAI MAGAZINE had the chance to try out one of their burgers, and I let you guess that it was magnificent.

The quality is at the rendezvous, recommended for all Burger lovers! 
You can find them on Facebook @Cook Hot Stream or directly at 94, Avenue des Alpes, Cagnes-sur-Mer, France.





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