Five Simple Morning Healthy Rituals

by VaiVai Editor • 18 Feb 2020

It's essential to establish a healthy morning ritual, as it sets the tone for the day. 

Wake up Early so You Can Wake up Slowly

Having the time to take a walk, lie around, meditate, take a long shower, or make a good breakfast allows you to start your day off right. It also provides for other proper morning rituals—keeps on reading for those!

Drink a Glass of Water

The first thing you do when waking up is having a full glass of water. After a full night's sleep, it's important to rehydrate. Water is essential to every cell in the body. When there isn't enough, body processes become sluggish. 

Eat Breakfast

It's no surprise that breakfast tops the list of morning rituals for nutritionists. "There are differing opinions on the importance of breakfast, but most of the research shows that breakfast shouldn't be skipped. And even more importantly, my own experience is in favor of breakfast as well. It provides me with the brain energy I need to get started working for the day," says registered dietitian and culinary nutrition expert Jessica Levinson, RD.

Set Your Intentions

Want to start your day with a clean slate? Set your intention for the day. Consciously capturing your plans for the day when your brain is fresh sets up the frame of mind you need to get through the day.

Caffeinate Yourself

Let's be real: For many of us, it's coffee before all else in the morning.

Start Meditating.

"Consider setting your alarm just 10 to 15 minutes earlier and meditate," says Erin Stokes, a naturopathic doctor and the Medical Director of MegaFood. "Meditation has been shown to decrease stress, improve concentration and generate an overall sense of well-being."





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