Exclusive Interview With The President of The Monte-Carlo Fashion Week Federica Nardoni Spinetta

by Martin Rybak • 06 Aug 2019

By Dr. Jauffret and Martin Rybak (photos by Cedric Fruneau and Daniele Guidetti)

One of the founders of the Monegasque chamber of fashion and president of the Monte-Carlo Fashion Week (MCFW), Mrs. Federica Nardoni Spinetta tells us all about the history of this prestigious and international event in an exclusive interview.

In a few words, can you describe the history of the Monte-Carlo Fashion Week?

This year we are celebrating the 7nd edition of this fashion event in the principality of Monaco and we will welcome Alberta Ferretti as our special guest of honour.
Everything started when I arrived in the principality with the dream to create a platform for fashion professionals. This dream became a reality in 2009 by creating a Monegasque Chamber of Fashion. From the beginning, our goals were to make the brands from the area come together and make them known internationally. For our brands, we created fashion shows in Milan, presentations in Paris and for 2020 we are planning runway shows in Dubai. Back in 2009 for our first event we teamed up with what was called at that time « La Maison de Mode » with the manager Maryline Bellieud- Vigouroux. We launched the « designers de la Méditerranée ». We were very happy to create our first event in 2009. Slowly but surely we managed to become bigger. We launched our first fashion week during two days which was quite an adventure. Then we went from two to three days for the next fashion week. Finally we made it in to the official calendar of events of the principality. In 2015, during the Russian Year in Monaco, in accordance with the gouvernment, we presented 12 russian brands. In 2018 we were 40 brands from 16 countries for our international runway show. This year, the fashionweek will be held for five days, from the 15th to the 19th May with new European, Australian, Russian and other partnerships. We are also happy to welcome the young french designer Inessa Creations who’s creations quickly gained our attention.

What are the reasons behind chosing to hold the event in May?

We chose may in relation with the « croisière » and resort collections which match the monegasque image and lifestyle. We don’t want to compete with the big fashionweeks in New York,

Paris, London or Milano. May is also the month of the grand prix formula one and the film festival of Cannes. Therefore, it is convenient as the French Riviera is full of people interested in fashion, celebrities and journalists. Therefore, we decided that this years event will take place in Mai at the « fashion village » in Fontvieille, where the runway shows will take place.

Which are the brands that the principality want’s to highlight?

Like every year the brands that will participate at the Monte Carlo Fashion Week are monegasque brands but also young and emerging international ones as well as already established brands:

The monegasque fashion chamber celebrates its 10th birthday and is making a variety of brands come together for this occasion: Banana Moon, Beach & Cashmere Monaco, Diana d’Orville, Elizabeth Wessel, Leslie Monte-Carlo, Loona Monte-Carlo, Stardust Monte-Carlo and just to mention a few.

Can you tell us more about the Fashion Awards (MCFW© Fashion Awards)
In 2015 we launched the Fashion Award with the help of the principality and the help of a variety of partnerships. All guests are coming together for this special occasion to celebreate the brands and personalities that have or will have an impact in fashion such as: Naomi Campbell, Philipp Plein, Alberta Ferretti, la marque Etro,...

How do you envision the future of the event?

Very often the fashion weeks want to promote fashion brands and designers of their country. As Monaco is small, we want to promote local but also international brands, as Monaco is home for over 150 different nationalities. We also invite brands from abroad to underline the professionnel aspect of our fashion week. We also want to underline the importance of quality of the brands we want to promote. We always hope that everything will go well during the event. Even if small problems always arrive, we always aim for perfection in order to honor the guest present at the event. We carefully select new brands every time such as Jiri Kalfar, already known from the New York Fashion Week or emerging ones like Gilberto Calzolari from Milan but also Osman Pamuk from Turkey and the young designer from Monaco with her brand Inessa Créations.

How important is the place Monaco and the aspect of luxury for the event?

The principality is like a gem stone, like a diamond who shines bright. I have been in Monaco since 20 years and I believe this place is precious. I traveled to many countries but here I feel safe. Also the aspect of a working political and economical system is of importance for me. The weather and the international environment are two more aspects. People here also like to share their ideas with the whole world. Even if the aspect of luxury is of importance for Monaco, other factors are also of importance.

The new motto « Green is the new glam » shows that the environment is of importance for Monaco. The dress from the « save the ocean » collection made of blue is a piece that the monegasque chamber of fashion likes to highlight. We have luxurious collections but we also have more experimental ones. Luxury does not only mean « money » but it’s also an attitude, elegance, and a specific kind of beauty. Monaco is a jewel.

You are consideres like a women of influence. Which recommendation can you give women?

Work hard. I always worked hard for my brand « Beach & Cashmere Monaco » as well as for the chamber of fashion. You have to think of every detail. You have to be at the right time at the right place. You need to know what you want to succeed. There will be sticks and stones on your path but you have to continue in order to succeed. You have to be proactive and to react to new circumstances quickly because « the show must go on ». Also I want to mention the charity organisation by Charlène of Monaco to help children in need.



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