Exclusive Interview with Singer Josh Stanley

by Martin Rybak • 25 Jun 2019

Interview by Dr. Marie-Nathalie Jauffret and edited by Martin Rybak 

Interviewer: Good Morning

Josh: Good morning, thank you for having me

Interviewer: Your single “She Buys Her Men” that’s an interesting title. What is the story behind it?

Josh: We always see the typical picture of “older rich man with young woman” but today with the continuous increase of career driven, independent & successful women, we see a reversal. These women don’t want to be tied down to a household and married life but rather enjoy the fruits of their labour.

I wanted to make a record that was catchy but that carried a message that would speak to the growing strength and independence of women around the world. Funny enough, within the first week after the release of “She Buys Her Men” I saw an increase of social media reposts and following from the Middle East.

Interviewer: Having the sex appeal and charm that you have, do you find yourself working out a lot to keep in physical shape?

Josh: I constantly have a lot on my mind and working out allows me to focus and get tired enough so that I don’t start over thinking myself into insomnia. As for the sex appeal and charm, I guess I owe that one to my parents.

Interviewer: Do you pay attention to fashion trends? Why?

Josh: Nowadays an artist is a brand and I am the face of mine, so I need to make sure that what I wear both represents my music as well as what I stand for. I have never been a fashionista but I am lucky enough to have friends who are.

I have always been in favor of expensive clothing of high quality over cheaper brands in large volume. Feeling comfortable in ones clothes and fashion choices is important as it sets the mood for your day and brings out the confidence you might just need in yourself.

Interviewer: You mentioned women’s independence and strength, why does the recurring mention of gold diggers and prostitutes come up in your latest songs?

Josh : At the time of writing some of the records I had a bone to pick with an ex girlfriend. I found out her true intentions were not for me but rather my bank account. I am a huge supporter of people with ambitions and a drive to work hard to achieve their dreams, but if that dream is to profit off someones hard work then I want no part of it, even if it costs me my happiness.

Interviewer: How do you filter what you show on social media?

Josh: I have made it a mission to reply and interact with anyone who messages me or likes my content on Instagram. I think it’s important to build that human connection with your fan base and keep them up to date with information regarding music and life in general. As for filtering what I upload, I don’t post nudity , although I do confess to the occasional shirtless photo.

Interviewer: Let’s talk about the new song “Sass Cafe”. What can you tell me about it?

Josh: I can’t even contain how excited I am about this song. Releasing worldwide on June 7th we already have some incredible support from Spotify, Youtube and many media outlets and influencers. After the success of “She Buys Her Men” it opened up a lot of doors and showed my credibility as an artist and songwriter to those who doubted me.

Interviewer: Do you have any message for our readers?

Josh: I just hope they enjoy my music and are able to draw inspiration and motivation from it. I invite them to follow me on instagram @joshstanleymc and check out my song on all streaming platforms.



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