Exclusive Interview with Rollo, The 18 Years-Old Rising Designer for VAIVAI MAGAZINE

by Adrien Martinez • 15 Mar 2017

While browsing on Instagram I found myself mind-blown by the actual talent that Rollo has; what really caught my attention was the very special customizations he hands painted on Louis Vuitton bags, it made the whole thing much more special. If you are curious and want to see more about Rollo have a look at the interview, he kindly accepted to answer few questions for VAIVAI MAGAZINE. 

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How does this talent from drawing come from? 

The ‘talent’ started from a very young age, probably taking it back to primary school. I was shocking, but there wasn’t one day that went past where I wasn’t drawing. I wanted to perfect my craft because I knew what I wanted and where my vision was going to take me in the future life. Having that mindset and vision from very young has been a massive help to me, as it has taught me that no one else in this world is going to do anything for you and it's really all down to hard work. 

Do you remember why you've started doing this? 

I started it because I wanted to see how good I could get and then I noticed how much people wanted my work. Then it hit me that I could actually do this full time and create a banging life from doing it. It has opened up a lot of doors for me and I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some absolutely sick people! Now I’m wanting to take it even further and travel the world with it. A true dream. 

Does this art represent yourself? 

I’m very business minded and definitely inspired by the finer things in life, like cars, watches and all that good stuff, and my art definitely shows that, so yeah, I guess it does! Life’s too short not to enjoy the finer stuff, haha. 

What's your vision for the future? 

My vision is simple: live a life I enjoy and travel while I’m at it. The biggest thing is to be happy with the life you’re living, I’m 18 years old now and they have flown, so the next thing I know I’m gonna’ be 36 years old and if I’m working for someone else at that time, I know I’ve done something wrong in my life. I don’t think I was made to work for someone else. I’m bringing out hand painted garments in the next few weeks. I get emails daily from companies or people asking if they can use my work to print onto clothing, so why not do it myself, but make it even more special with having it hand painted? I have actually started the first design. I’m going to rock it in Amsterdam and probably showcase it on the gram there. 

Do you see yourself working closely together with a designer? 

I actually have a few things in the pipelines with a few companies/brands. Some super interesting ideas that if done perfect, could be a massive jumping stone for me. I just gotta’ make sure the stuff I create is top notch sick! Onwards and upwards. #VaiVaiReppin 





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