Exclusive Interview with Monte Carlo Fashion Week Award Winner Inès Bensalah

by Martin Rybak • 03 Jun 2019

The young Designer Inès Bensalah won the Monte Carlo Fashion Week Award 2019 and underlined her talent and ambitions with her first collection. Next to other well established brands, Inès showed her own vision of young, elegant but contemporary fashion and serves as an inspiration for other young entrepreneurs and especially young fashion designers in Monaco. (photos by Cedric Fruneau and Daniele Guidetti)

What inspired you to create your own fashion brand? What was your motivation?

Life has inspired me a lot. I wanted to share my emotions and vision with people and emphasis their soul through an immersion into my personal universe in order to push them to show and use their inner power. My motivation was to build a human connection based on our social codes by touching them from with the aesthetic aspect in order to resonate inside them and build a community where everyone can share and show their true colors by being and feeling unique.

What were the challanges you faced as a young designer with your brand?

Being from nowhere, still studying and being accepted for the quality of my work and not being judged for my young age. I wanted to show through my path that you can achieve anything if you want it truly and if you are determined to no matter your situation, age, studies and background.

How did the place Monaco help you to succeed? Does the international environment and the networking in Monaco help when creating a brand?

Monaco is very international so you deal with multiple nationalities and learn a lot from them. It is like taking a piece of each country which is very good for inspiration a learning how people from others countries thinks and behave. So the international environment help a lot when you are curious and open minded but you still need to focus on your own development in order to shine accordingly to your values ! I’m really happy to have a Monégasque company and have met the incredible person that are supporting me today here in Monaco because it is very peaceful and people are supportive when they see that you still true to yourself and have a real cause to fight about ! I ove Monaco and I couldn’t think of a better place to work and live.

How did you experience the Monte Carlo Fashion Week and what challanges did you face before and during your show?

I leaved the Monte Carlo Fashion Week! First Fashion week, first award and first official entrance into the fashion world, it is one of the best moment of my life and I will always remember my beginnings and where I came from. Very impressive to step back and see how much determination and passion can lead you to unexpected events. All the stereotypes about fashion that I heard where false because all the models, crews and the team of the Monte Carlo Fashion Week and designers where so welcoming, supportive and positive that I love even more my work and I am ready to experience this again and again everywhere in the world. The only challenge I may have faced was being the youngest to participate to this fashion week next to big names and brands already established since a long time like Alberta Ferretti, iconic. It was funny because I was sitting next to her to the fashion award ceremony and she congratulated me for my award so I felt like I deserved my place but I didn’t thought about it a lot and forgot about this challenge just after the end of the show! During the Monte Carlo Fashion Week I understood how much I love my work and how much my efforts were deserved. Just a blessing and amazing experience thanks to the president Federica NardoniSpinetta the Monte Carlo Fashion Week team and the models who were amazing !

What recommandations can you give to young future designers?

The recommendations I can give to young designers will be, believe in your dreams not matter what, everything happens for a reason, challenges are a blessing that are going to help you grow and understand things, do not hesitate to ask for advices in order to evolve , keep going the best is yet to come and work hard don’t be afraid for what is coming or for judgment. You need to be confident enough accordingly to your ambition in order to fit in your dream and stay real. People feel it when it comes directly from the heart. Be passionate and never compare yourself to anyone. Each brand has his unique vision which makes it worth. Let your passion drive you to your profession and always refer to your friend and family, keep them close to you and still focus on your goal. Everything happens for a reason just stay positive and never give up and most importantly don’t be scared to dream big ! If some people did it before why not you? Show who you really are through your hard work and passion and be curious and authentic. I wish the best to anyone that is ready to take this entrepreunarial and hard job but at the end it is the best feeling ever with all the amazing people you are meeting and the feeling you have when you achieved something and just do it is incredible.

Inès Bensalah and Martin Rybak would like to thank the Monte Carlo Fashion Week, the president of the Monte Carlo Fashion Week Federica Nardoni Spinetta and Dr. Jauffret from The International University of Monaco (IUM)



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10 06 2019


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